Broken Moon

Happy Friday!

I’m slacking, worse than usual. It’s been an odd past few weeks, filled with moments of extreme motivation as well as extreme lethargy. It sucks, because I want to do things but can’t bring myself to actually start doing them. On the bright side, I have done a little bit of writing.

Also, I bought a new laptop this week, so having a new toy should motivate me to work more – maybe. I’ve also started tip-toeing into the world of game development, in an attempt to exercise my story-telling skills through a new medium. The dream is to some day write for video games, so this is a good step in the right direction.

As for today, we’ll be dedicating some time to Provisional Freedom, my most neglected of serials. Today’s prompt comes from Our Write Side’s Master Class Monday prompt series, and I’ll be using the “Broken moon” prompt for inspiration.

Happy reading!


After being brought back from the dead, I thought it was impossible to really feel nervous about anything. What would there be to be nervous about, when the worst case scenario had already happened? Well, you’d be surprised.

I tapped my foot, the only way I could think to direct and expel my nervous energy as I stood outside the intimidating house. Really, I never thought a house could be intimidating, either. The structure loomed over me, though, as if trying to scare me away. It seemed to create a kind of haze around itself, too, causing the moon to look like it was broken and hastily glue back together. It made it hard to look at, hurting my eyes and making me want to look away.

“Why does it look like that?” I couldn’t keep the question from bubbling up out of my throat as I finally gave in and let my eyes slide down to the ground, watching my tapping foot.

“Can’t have people wanting to approach it, can we?” Max hadn’t spoken much after showing me the demons. Most of my questions went unanswered, or they would just give me a look that said I didn’t need to know. I was surprised they’d deemed this question answerable.

“Who would ever stumble upon it out here, though?”

“You can never be too careful.” Max took one more look at the house before looking at me. “Well, time to meet your new comrades.” Was it me, or were they trying a little too hard to sound cheery? “Try not to stare – it’s rude.”

“Stare at what?” But Max didn’t answer, maybe because they didn’t hear me or they didn’t want to, I wasn’t sure. I followed after them as they walked up the pathway to the front door. Each of my steps were like lead, until we finally made it to the front door. Why was I so scared? I’d already died, been brought back, and had an angel hovering over me. And these demons were supposed to work with me, so I shouldn’t have been scared.

When the door opened, we were greeted by a young woman, probably some years older than me. The first thing I noticed were her forearms – they were drenched in blood. I couldn’t help but stare. The blood seemed to be flowing freely – fresh. I’m pretty sure Max sensed my need to run, because they placed a hand on my lower back to keep me still. The second thing I noticed was that she was the woman Max showed me before – one of the two demons.

“Max.” The demon scrutinized Max, her brow coming up at the sight of me. “What are you doing here, and since when do you bring friends?”

“Consider her reinforcement. She’s going to be helping us with the current situation. May we come in?”

“Okay…Marcus just stepped out, but we can wait for him to get back.” She stepped aside and let us in. Inside the house, it seemed silly that I was nervous before. It was perfectly normal, all things considered. There was nothing off-putting about it, except for the blood endlessly dripping from the demon’s arms. It continued to drip, but the drops never made it to the floor. They just disappeared. She caught me staring.

“You get used to it.” She led us down the hall and to the living room. “Are you hungry?”

“N-No. I’m good.” She must have heard the fear in my voice. Something in her eyes looked hurt before she directed her attention to Max.

“You know, next time you decide to bring a kid along with you, you might want to give her a head’s up of what she’s walking into.” She glared at Max, her annoyance as thick as the blood on her arms.

Max simply shrugged and waved off the demon’s concern.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t expect an apology from her, so it was difficult to hide my surprise. “About the blood. I know it’s unnerving. Just try to ignore it. That’s what I do when Max is around – it’ll go away once they leave.”


“Long story – it basically marks me as a demon. I can usually hide it but not in the presence of divinity.” She motions to Max. “Marcus has a similar issue, but with his eyes. You get used to it – just don’t freak out when he gets here.” Again, she turns to Max. “That’s how you give someone fair warning, for the record.”

This time, Max chuckles. “You did it much better than I could have.”

“You have an awful sense of humor.” The demon rolled her eyes before turning to me.  “Anyway, I’m Videl. I’d offer to shake your hand, but…”

“Paola – and no need.” I tried not to be rude, but the thought of touching her hands shot a chill through me. Videl seemed nice enough, though, so I did my best to relax a little. Maybe working with demons wouldn’t be so bad.


That’s probably the loosest interpretation of a prompt yet. At least I wrote something down.

Next time, Paola meets Marcus! I have some things swimming around in my brain regarding them, so here’s hoping the prompts offer the proper circumstances…

As always, think happy thoughts!


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