#ThursThreads – Cross-Over!

Happy Thursday!

Didn’t think I’d get around to actually writing a post for today, but here we are. It’s a special treat – a cross-over! Today’s prompt comes courtesy of #ThursThreads.

Prompt: “We are being watched.”

Happy reading!

“We are being watched.” The sensation drips down the back of my neck, every hair standing on end with the awareness of someone’s eyes on me.

“I know.” Marcus whispers his response, though if someone’s watching us, they can probably hear us, too. Both of us maintain an image of relaxation, as we continue to lounge on the couch- my siblings are asleep upstairs. My partner continues to read through some files, while I browse the same old copy of Faustus.


“And you expect me to work with a pair of demons?” The two people seem normal enough – a man and a woman, both sitting in a living room, wrapped up in their own work – and I wouldn’t have thought them demons if Max hadn’t told me so. At my question, the angel removes the scene from my television screen with a wave of their arm. What appears next is a scene in a bedroom with two sleeping children.

“Yes – they’ve been tasked with taking care of these children. They’ll need all the help they can get when it comes time to return them to their mother.” Max leans back in their seat, eyes thoughtful when considering the children on the screen.

“Why were they taken away in the first place?”

“It’s a long story, and you’re not here to ask questions. This is your assignment. I can’t be there when the exchange happens – you’ll be attending in my place.” Really? My mother took my place in purgatory for this?

And we kill two birds with one stone! Hooray for updating Provisional Freedom and Secondhand Soul. Still not sure how I’m going to introduce Paola to Videl and Marcus, but the moment draws nearer.

Be sure to check out the other responses at the prompt throughout the day!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Update: Got an Honorable Mention! Woo!




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