#100WordChallenge – Emotion

Hi! (again)

Time for post #2! To offset how long and painful that last one was, this one will be short and sweet (though probably still painful – writing seems to be painful lately). For this post, I’ve picked Tara’s #100WordChallenge prompt.

Prompt: Emotion


It’s difficult to be around them now. Eva continues on happily, more at ease around Marcus than ever. Mikey won’t remember any of this, so I shouldn’t feel guilty for keeping the death of their father from them. Right?

Is it even my place to tell them? To bring Eva so much misery when all I want to do is keep her happy? I can’t even find comfort in Marcus, knowing that he could be hiding so much more from me. Who thought this was a good idea? Am I even stable enough to deal with it?

No, probably not.


I just can’t keep these guys happy, can I? I feel like at this point Emma (The Dealwill be my only truly happy character in the serials. Unless Paola (Provisional Freedom) gets something in the coming posts (Ha! Yeah, okay.)

As always, think happy thoughts!


Tell me what you think!

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