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Don’t Panic – The Hike

A late night weekend post!

I’ve been meaning to participate in Stacy’s Don’t Panic Picture Prompt more, so here I am! You should check it out – she always has really cool pictures to share 🙂





“Why are we here?”

I never was a huge hiking fan, but all it took was a single reprimanding look from my mother to make me shut up and just tag along. However, I can only hold my tongue for so long, and after ten miles in this heat, I’ve reached my limit.

Instead of answering me, she just keeps walking, trekking closer and closer to the mountain about two miles away. At least it’s a nice day – the sky is completely clear and there’s somewhat of a breeze that’s the only thing between me and suffocation.

“Can we at least take a break? Please?” Not bothering to wait for her to stop or acknowledge my request, I drop to the ground and grab my canteen.

To my surprise, she stops and even turns around. “We don’t have all day.”

“Sure we do. We have literally nothing but time.” Comes with the unfortunate condition of being stuck in purgatory. “So what’s the rush?”

My mother averts her eyes from me and instead focuses on the mountain ahead. It looks like she has something to say, but is holding it back.

“What?” I stand up again, stoppering the canteen and looking between her and the mountain. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“There’s a way out. At the summit of that mountain.” She points at the peak. While a beautiful landscape and imposing figure, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the mountain – at least, nothing that would make me think it’s our ticket out.

“Seriously? How do you know?”

But she doesn’t respond. “Let’s just keep going. Trust me.”

Something about the way she says that makes my stomach sink.


Unnamed characters! Unfamiliar situation! This can only mean one thing – new serial!!!

Don’t know what it’s called just yet, but stay tuned!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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