#ThursThreads – Back in the game!


Happy Thursday!

Feels like an eternity since the last time I wrote for this flash series. I’m glad to be back and looking forward to getting some forward momentum going on some of my serials. Today’s piece: A Vampire’s Bride!

Prompt: “What’s your point?”


Nadya is the only one speaking or even remotely at ease as she tries, in vain, to start a conversation. A part of me is listening – apparently, she’s been doing a lot of traveling – but the rest of me wants nothing more than to bolt from the room. Some time after we all sat at the table, one of the servants brought out a tray with blood-filled wine glasses and my meal – bear stew. I haven’t touched it. The blood in the wine glasses must be coagulated by now, too. Only Nadya and her father take the occasional sip. On my left, Niklaus simply holds my hand, his eyes never leaving the death stare from his mother.

“Okay – that’s enough. Mother – would you please say something?” Nadya stops trying to tell her story. “Nik and I haven’t seen you in decades. Decades!”

“What’s your point?” The mother’s stare turns from her son to her daughter. Still, Niklaus makes no motion to look away from his mother. Her voice is like a whiplash, and I have to make a conscious effort not to flinch at point.

“It doesn’t matter that Nik won’t drink human blood.” Nadya practically slams her glass. “And with all due respect, you’re being ridiculous.” She turns her glare on Niklaus. “All of you.”

Before I know what’s happening, Nadya takes my hand and stands. “Sort out your problems. Until then, we’ll be taking a walk.”

Hooking her arm through mine, she escorts me out of the room.


Niklaus could learn a thing or two from his sister. Anyway, this was not where I thought this would be going, so it’s a nice surprise. Sister-in-law bonding in the near future! Hooray!

It’s good to be back at it. Next week I’ll be attempting to return to my regularly scheduled programming, so be on the lookout for more flash pieces and #TuesFlashFicTrain!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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