Crawling back onto the face of the earth

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I’m not dead!

It’s been a pretty busy last few weeks, and as a result I’ve slacked on 90% of my internet life. A million apologies.

My boyfriend bought a house and moving was a pain – but we’re finally mostly settled in and getting into the new day-to-day groove. I’ve actually found that the new house is pretty conducive to my writing, which is cool. Maybe it’s the change in scenery, but I’ve started working on Withered Legacy more. I’m even playing around with editing/cleaning up Reckoning for a potential re-release. As always, I’m incapable of just working on one thing. Even though I’ve been MIA, I’m still up to my neck in work!

I also submitted some short stories. My nerves are wrecked – every time I get an email my stomach sinks wondering if it’s a rejection. So far, so good. It’s Schrodinger’s manuscript. One of the stories I submitted was to Our Write Side’s Summer Mischmasch – you should totally check it out! The deadline is fast approaching and it’s a great way to flex your writing muscles 🙂

Speaking of Our Write Side and the awesome things they have to offer, if you like to read and leave reviews, you should sign up to be part of the Review Team! You get free books in exchange for leaving honest reviews on various sites (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.). It’s a win-win!

So that’s a general update on what I’ve been up to. There will be some activity this week on here, as I compile the last two #TuesFlashFicTrain stories into complete pieces for your reading pleasure. I really need to get back into the swing of things, so I might participate in flash fiction again this week. Keep a look out for a new round of #TuesFlashFicTrain next week!

This was a much needed breather, but I’m back!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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