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#ThursThreads – Helpless


Hope everyone’s week is going splendidly! It seems to be flying by for me, but that’s nothing new.

Today’s post, as with most Thursday pieces, comes courtesy of Siobhan’s #ThursThreads prompt series. I struggled a bit with fitting the prompt in, but finally settled on some more experimentation with Withered Legacy. Really considering playing with the POV in that one. Right now, it’s from Saxon’s, but every once in a while I think it might be cool to see Lexia chiming in on his circumstances, like she’s been doing on some of these prompts. Hm. We’ll see I guess.

Prompt: “He could do no more.”


He could do no more. I knew that, and he did, too.

Maybe that drove the pain in a little deeper. It made everything that much worse. That feeling of helplessness reared its ugly head again, and all I could do was stand and watch, unable to do anything and hidden from both of them.

“Saxon…” Adwin had the decency, at least, to sound apprehensive. “We don’t belong here. Look what happened.”

“This wasn’t my fault.” His grip on the little boy limp in his arms didn’t loosen, and instead he cradled the child closer, as if proximity alone might bring him back from the dead. Another moment passed before he finally released the body, laying it back on the ground. “These people were safe here. You did this.”

I’ve never heard that much venom in his voice – not even directed at me on our worst days. Saxon, despite his temperament, would never hurt his family. Now it sounded like all he wanted to do was kill his twin. With very calculated and controlled movements, he got to his feet, eyes staring down his brother.

“Don’t.” For the first time, I noticed the angel standing behind Saxon. She rushed to stand in front of him, hands on his shoulders.

Before Saxon could react, a loud rumble shook the entire structure, followed by a familiar, guttural roar.

“Think over my offer, Saxon. You know we’re better off.” Adwin spares Elle a passing glance before disappearing into the darkness of the tunnels.


They have a troubled relationship. It’s sad, but makes for good drama!

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Friendly reminder: The last week for this round of #TuesFlashFicTrain is up! Time to write an awesome ending.

As always, think happy thoughts!


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