#ThursThreads – Almost there



As usual, I’m behind and posting late. But at least I’m getting closer to Ariella’s first meeting with her in-laws! Hooray! Today’s post comes from the #ThursThreads prompt series, and serves to continue setting up just how daunting the dinner will be. I really hope that, when I eventually get around to writing it, I can live up to Ariella’s panic. We’ll see.

Prompt: “Buckets and gallons.”



“So are your parents expecting a human daughter-in-law, or a vampire one?” I can’t help but fidget with my dress in front of the mirror, even though I know there’s nothing left to do. It’s not like I can cover my humanity with makeup.

Behind me, Niklaus offers a sympathetic look, though sympathy isn’t what I’m looking for. The fact that it becomes one of near amusement doesn’t help. “Thought you weren’t scared of vampires?”

“I’m not scared. I’m nervous. Not every day you make a first impression on vampire royalty.” I try to be flippant, but it only comes off as awkward and jittery. Slipping into my shoes, I turn back towards Niklaus. “Besides – they’re expecting me to break your ‘bad habit’ aren’t they?”

He chuckles at that before taking a step towards me and grabbing one of my hands in both of his. One of his hands moves to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear, his touch feather-light and doing very little to calm my somersaulting stomach.  “They’ll be sorely disappointed, but I promise you it’ll all be directed at me.”

“Th-That’s reassuring.” My voice is a whisper, so I take a step back to regain my bearings. “So what’s on the menu? Buckets and gallons of blood?”

This actually makes him laugh out loud, though I’m not sure why.

“We’ll be fine.” But there’s something in his voice that makes me think he’s trying to convince himself more than me.

“If you say so.”


I can feel it getting closer…just waiting for the opportune prompt! Here’s hoping next week brings the one I need 🙂

Friendly reminder: Don’t forget to hop on the #TuesFlashFicTrain! We’re near the end of this round so don’t miss your chance to play with Gloria’s story.

As always, think happy thoughts!


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