Pretentious Prayers

Happy Hump Day!

This week is flying past me and I’m having difficulty keeping up, hence the lack of posts over the past couple of days. But here I am, attempting to catch up!

Today’s post comes courtesy of Our Write Side’s Master Class prompt series, as usual. I’m still looking for how to write Ariella’s first encounter with the in-laws, so today you’ll be getting some more of Videl and her troubles. “Pretentious prayers” just felt like too good of a set up not to use on Videl, so here we are.

Not as long as these tend to be, so enjoy!


Marcus only lingered for a few moments before leaving – something about Lucifer wanting a report on how the kidnapping went. I’m still not really able to move from my spot by the door, knowing that Eva and the baby are just on the other side, sleeping away, unknowingly feeling safe in the house of a demon.

“Please let this blow over soon.” I’m not really sure who I’m speaking to, or if prayer would even work for me. Would Lucifer’s father listen to a demon’s prayer? Is it arrogant of me to hope so?

“Something tells me He’s not listening.” Though I’ve only ever interacted with the angel once, I recognize their voice immediately. Ash sits in my peripheral vision, arms crossed as they lean against the wall. Unlike their sibling, they harbor no sentiment for me. Though I don’t quite understand Max, I do like them infinitely better than Ash.

“What do you want?” I turn to face them, crossing my arms while trying to ignore the blood up to my elbows. It’s almost easy to forget it’s there until an angel shows up. It doesn’t help that Ash’s eyes immediately shoot to my mark, as if to remind me that it’ll never go away.

“Just stopping by to say hi.” They shrug. “I’m bored and Max has been busy.” Ash yawns, making a show of stretching to drive the point home. “How’s your little romance with Marcus going? Luci find out yet?”

“Don’t you have anything better to do than waste my time?” I was going to head downstairs, but I’m suddenly rooted even more firmly to the floor in front of the bedroom, unsure if Ash knows about my siblings being there, and unwilling to risk it. Despite their status as an angel, there’s something distinctly menacing in the way they look at me, an edge to their eyes that I’ve never even seen in Lucifer.

“Watch that tone, demon.” The edge in their eyes slithers into their voice, and gone is the flippancy from their earlier questions.

Maybe it’s the stress, or maybe I’ve just finally lost it.

“Or what? You’ll punish me? That slap last time didn’t even sting.”

They move so fast they’re barely a blur. Before I can even blink, their fingers clench around my neck, holding me a foot off the ground against the wall, burning against my skin. Out of nowhere, a blade materializes in Ash’s other hand, held down but ready to strike. “Don’t tempt me.”

“You-You wouldn’t…dare.” Where all this bravado and stupidity comes from, I’m not really sure, but it feels good to egg them on. Ash is as bound by orders as Marcus and me.  “What would – would your f-father think?”

I don’t expect them to smirk. With a final glare, they release my neck and I fall less-than-gracefully to the floor, coughing to regulate my breathing again.

“Vee?” Eva’s worried tone comes from the other side of the door, attracting Ash’s attention immediately.

“Everything’s fine, Eva – go back to sleep.” I’m now hyperaware of my mark, the closed door the only thing keeping Eva from seeing it.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes – go to sleep.” I don’t mean to snap at her, but if I’ve hurt her feelings, she makes no indication, doing as I say and moving away from the door. Her footsteps stop and I assume she’s climbing back into bed.

“Who do we have in there?” Ash raises an eyebrow, moving closer to the door. Faster than I thought I could move, I block their advance, standing between them and the door.

“Leave. Now.” If they want to push through me and into the room, I can’t really stop them, but I’m prepared to try.

“There’s that tone again…”

“Ash – what do you think you’re doing?” Max’s voice immediately relieves the tension I hadn’t really registered in the air around us.

Ash looks put out, but takes a step back. “Just checking on my favorite demon.”

They disappear before any of us can say anything else, leaving me to explain what happened to Marcus and Max.

“Are you alright?” Marcus’ fingertips graze the spot where Ash’s hand gripped my neck.

“I’m fine. Ash was just being a prick.” I push his hand away. “Do they know about what’s going on?”

“No – Father thought it best to keep it to just a few angels, Ash not among them for obvious reason.” Max’s brows furrow, concern across their features. “I’ll have to think of a way to keep them busy – the last thing we need is Ash causing trouble.”

A moment later, Max disappears, too, leaving Marcus and me in the hall, our marks hidden again.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He takes one of my hands, cupping my face with the other, making me look up at him.

“No.” A humorless chuckle escapes my throat. “But don’t worry about.”


“Just…keep an eye on them for me? Please? I need to clear my head.” I shift to break his hold on me and move past him, but he stops me, bringing my lips up to his before I can protest. His kiss is tentative, full of insecurity and worry. When he pulls back, he presses a single kiss to my brow.

“Come back soon.”


I’ve also decided not to put up a new prompt for this week for #TuesFlashFicTrain, instead extending last week’s prompt to this Friday. I know people are busy, so maybe the extended deadline is all you guys need 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!



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