Bonus! Moving along…

Hello again!

So this week I’ve been super productive. Managed to get back into the groove of exercise despite my bout with illness, and even got tons of reading and writing done. Go me! To punctuate a pretty productive week, here’s a post in response to a writing prompt series I really should participate in more often – Don’t Panic Picture Prompt. As the title suggests, Stacy gives us a picture, and we have to write about it.

Here’s the picture:

As posted in Stacy’s original prompt post

And my response is below! I’ve deviated from the usual by posting about Emma and Malakai, as I’ve been wanting to check in on how they’re doing lately. Plus, the picture didn’t really fit with my other two serials 🙂



“Did you always make a habit of inhabiting abandoned places?” I voiced my question as I continued to follow Malakai through the trees, curious about where he was taking me. His grip on my hand kept me steady, allowing me to observe the ground for anything I might trip over.

“Well, when Esther wasn’t around, I didn’t have much of a reason to stay home. And then when you were missing…” He shrugged. “It was therapeutic, I guess.” I stifle the urge to apologize, knowing it’ll annoy him, even though I can’t help the guilt at what I put him through.

We continued walking for another few minutes before he stopped, making me walk into him. Laughing at me, he stepped aside so I could see. “Here she is, in all her glory.”

We stopped at a large clearing. In the center, completely out of place and – although I knew what he was taking me to see – catching me off guard was a large boat. It’s metal shell rusted in various places, it didn’t look like anyone had visited the structure in months, probably years.

“Why the hell would anyone leave a boat in the middle of the woods?”

“Don’t know. Found it one day when I was wandering around. Decided to make it my home base.” He took my hand again, this time tugging me towards the back of the boat, where a ramp led up into it.

“You expect me to go in there?”

“It’s perfectly safe, Emma. Besides, your magic will protect you if something happens.” He tugged again. I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with my Fey magic, but Malakai had a point. Now that my Fey nature was exposed, I wasn’t as vulnerable as I would have been otherwise. “And I won’t let you get hurt.”

He took my hand and brought my knuckles up to his lips, kissing them softly and triggering a blush to rise up my neck. I still couldn’t quite get used to being with him this way, but I definitely didn’t mind the affection.


His grin widened and he led the way into the boat, navigating the halls in a way that showed he was intimately familiar with the lay out. “Here we are.”

Malakai released my hand and opened a door, revealing a small room. Very little light trickled in through the dirty windows, but it was enough to see the disarray of books and blankets. “You slept in here?”


“You do know my house is only a few miles away, right? You could have stayed there…” That guilt settled in again.

Malakai could sense it, or read it in my face. He pulled me into his arms, one of his hands sliding into my hair. “I know.”

“Then why…?”

“I just couldn’t – not without you.” Pulling back slightly, he smiled before pressing a soft kiss to my lips and removing his backpack. “So. Want to help me pack up?”



And there you have it. Looks like things are moving along pretty smoothly.

Friendly reminder: Don’t forget to hop on the #TuesFlashFicTrain! We’re near the end of this round so don’t miss your chance to play with Gloria’s story 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!

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