#ThursThreads – Curbing Fury

Happy Thursday!

We’re finally getting back into the groove of things, I think. I’m still juggling what feels like a million projects but I’m hanging in there and chipping away at them little by little. Today, I make a little progress on Secondhand Soul with this week’s #ThursThreads writing prompt!

Prompt: “Why are you still here?”

Happy reading!


I sense Marcus before I hear him come closer. Though it’s my plan, he and Max think it’s best if I’m not the one to approach the powers that be with my idea. After all, Lucifer probably won’t take to it right away, and I don’t really need that kind of attention. Though I’m staying behind to continue watching over my mother, he’s supposed to be with Max.

“Why are you still here?”

“Max can handle the boss on their own.” Marcus stands across from me, leaning against the window looking into my mother’s room with his arms crossed. My eyes continue to scan the equipment, though I’m not really sure I’m taking any of it in. “Something tells me an angel is better equipped to handle an angry Lucifer than either of us could be.”

There’s something left unsaid, but I don’t prompt him further, unable to trust my voice. Eyes wandering back to my mother, it’s everything I can do to keep the tears at bay. I bite my lip, knowing that the tears come more from anger than anything else. I’ve already dealt with the loss of my mother – I’m dead to her. Seeing her hurt this way, knowing that I’m partially to blame – it’s infuriating and I want nothing more than to make my grandmother pay.

Without warning, Marcus pulls me into his arms. I don’t relax, but I let him hold me, knowing he’ll be able to curb my anger if I need him to.


Maybe I’ll eventually let her unleash her fury to the world. We’ll see. There’s a lot of pent up frustration and anger there – at her grandmother, at herself – I wonder how it will manifest down the road?

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As always, think happy thoughts!


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