#ThursThreads – Accident


Pattern not entirely broken yet! I keep putting this particular post up later and later, though. On the bright side, I’m back to writing about Secondhand Soul! I’ve also started another project for submission to an anthology (Maidens and Magic), so wish me luck 🙂

#ThursThreads Prompt: “You don’t believe this could have been an accident?”


“You don’t believe this could have been an accident?” Max’s voice cuts through the beeping of the machines that ring out through the Intensive Care Unit. On the other side of the glass, my mother lies in barely stable condition. Her husband is knocking on death’s door somewhere down the hall. The other driver walked away from the wreck unscathed by comparison.

“Do you?” Marcus scoffs his response to the angel before crossing his arms and approaching the glass.

I was beginning to get hopeful about my grandmother not pulling anything for fear of my safety. Of course, I should have known better. Any hope I might have had is gone now – replaced by that familiar fury. Every passing moment makes it harder not to go after her – even though I know I won’t win. To keep myself from doing something stupid, I hold my arms, nails digging into the skin through my shirt. “Where’s Eva? And the baby?”

“They’re staying with a close friend of your mother’s. Neither of them have any family who can step up.”

“Even if she didn’t plan this, my grandmother will find a way to take advantage of the situation.” I finally tear my eyes away from my mother to look at Max and Marcus. “What are the chances we can beat her to it? Take the kids ourselves?”

Marcus looks at me like I’ve grown a second head. “You think the boss would go for that?”

“I think we don’t have a choice.”


Definitely didn’t think this was where the story would be headed! Here’s to seeing Marcus interacting with children.

Be sure to check out the other responses at the prompt!

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As always, think happy thoughts!


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