#TuesFlashFicTrain R4-W2

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Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. Things are running pretty smoothly on my end, for once, but I know that by just typing this out I’m jinxing myself yet again. Oh well. I’ll continue this smooth ride for as long as I can! I’m feeling too productive not to take advantage of it 🙂

Anyway, you guys know what time it is – prompt time! Before you tackle the assignment, be sure to check out yesterday’s winner post.

In honor of the increase in my productivity, this week I want you to write about being productive. That can mean anything – is our new MC a productive individual? Are there others who run circles around Gloria in the productivity department? Let’s keep the momentum going by fleshing her out a bit more – I know you guys won’t disappoint!

Remember, keep it under 400 words, continue last week’s piece & submit your response in the comment section below. Don’t forget to include your twitter handles and/or other social media links for promotion! Submissions close on Friday @ 11:59 PM EST – tell your friends!

Questions, suggestions? Check out the rules in more detail and/or drop me a line!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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