Random Post – Well-placed Threat

picture prompt
This week’s picture prompt, taken by Stacy Overby


For once, the first post today isn’t for #ThursThreads. Don’t worry – that’ll come a little later. I’ve been meaning to participate more regularly in Stacy Overby’s Don’t Panic Picture Prompt, but I’ve never been very good at picture prompts. Especially if I’m trying to incorporate it into my serials. This week’s picture was particularly pretty and it brought Lexia’s current loneliness to mind, so rather than use the prompt for one of my serials, I’m using it to continue working through Withered Legacy (The Breach Trilogy #2). This piece will probably never make it into the final draft (after all, the book is from Saxon’s POV, not Lexia’s), but it did help me work out where I’m going with Saxon. So yay!

On to the piece! Enjoy!

Warning: Spoilers for Reckoning, if you haven’t read it.


As much as I know it’s a bad idea – know that Samael told me not to interfere – I can’t help but check in on my cousins again. For the first time, they’re not together.

I see Adwin first. He’s asleep somewhere, the room too neat, even for his standards. It’s a temporary dwelling, a mattress on the floor, his belongings by a bag on the far wall. Everything seems alright, so I blink and search for Saxon. My stomach sinks at the sight of the older twin. Unlike his counterpart, he’s not asleep, not safe. I’m not sure how far away they are from each other, but there’s no way Adwin is nearby. If he were, Saxon wouldn’t be covered in blood, and facing a wraith alone in the middle of an abandoned street. They’re supposed to stay together!

“Saxon!” The wraith lunges at him just as I call out, and he manages to push himself up and away just in time. When he gets up, his head starts to whip around, and I can see his lips forming a familiar word. I can’t hear him, but I know he’s saying my name. Could he hear me? “Look out!”

Saxon turns in place and again barely manages to get out of the way before the wraith’s claw could dig into his back. He seems to have caught his second wind, and grabs my old dagger from his belt before facing the wraith again. This time, he’s ready for it – he ducks as the wraith swipes at him, coming up with the blade to plunge it into the wraith’s neck. Almost immediately, the monster goes still. A moment later it disappears in a flurry of twinkling lights, like I’ve seen so many of them do in the past. My cousin looks stunned, his eyes scanning the area. He did hear me. He calls out my name again, but I don’t answer.

What am I doing? I shut my eyes, dispelling the image before I make things worse. I need to talk to Samael.

“Something the matter?” Death looks right at me, amusement in their gaze. I’ll never get used to how they appear out of nowhere. An unnerving pair of onyx eyes stare into me, unblinking, unwavering. Their scythe, similar to mine save for the darkness of the color, glints in the dim light of my post.

“Samael, something’s wrong.” I turn away, unwilling to let them see into my soul, choosing to focus on the mountainous landscape I’ve created for the Gate. Fog begins rolling in, the environment reflecting my turmoil. Even if they couldn’t see into my soul, our surroundings make my feelings pretty clear. “Saxon needs help. Please send someone. Anyone.”

“We can’t interfere in human lives. You know that.” The sureness in their voice infuriates me, triggering my staff’s transformation into a scythe.

Without thinking, I brandish it at Death.

“You don’t want to do that.”

“Try me.”

Samael goes pensive, eyes thoughtful, before nodding and disappearing.


I definitely want to flesh Samael out a little more. Maybe they’ll get a larger role the more the story goes on – who knows?

Friendly Reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain round 4 is waiting for a start! Give the prompt a look and see what story you can set off 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!

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