Shrinking List


Happy Thursday!

I wanted to get a post up for both #ThursThreads and the 100 word challenge, but I unfortunately only have time for one (for now). So, since it’s shorter, we’re going with the 100 word challenge from Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook.

This is more like the thoughts of Ariella’s wandering mind than anything of real substance, but here you go!

Prompt: List


Niklaus has relaxed around me considerably since our hunt. The ease with which he touches me – fingertips brushing hair from my face – makes me dizzy, but not unpleasantly. He catches my eyes lingering on his lips, but pretends he didn’t. I find myself wanting to kiss him. Resistance is difficult, though I’m not sure why I fight it at all. I’ve made a list to help me:

Why I should:

-We’re married.

-I want to.

-It’ll prove I’m not afraid.

Why I shouldn’t:

-He’s a vampire.

-Does he want me to?

Sigh. The “shouldn’t” list keeps getting shorter.


Be sure to check out the other responses 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Shrinking List

  1. I like her “should” list much better than her “shouldn’t” list. The tension you’ve created between Ariella and Niklaus is heady. It would be interesting to see if Niklaus’ “should” list is similar.

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  2. Azure

    The unresolved tension is palpable between Ariella and Niklaus, simply from what she perceives. Part of me wants to cheer them on (kiss, dangit!), but it’s this slow build that will make the result so much more satisfying. I wonder, what will happen when it finally breaks?

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