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#ThursThreads – 4 Year Anniversary!

Happy Thursday!

So today, Siobhan is celebrating the 4th anniversary of her flash fiction prompt series, #ThursThreads. In honor of the special occasion, there’s a ton of awesome prizes being offered up to this week’s winner. I wanted to continue writing about Ariella and Niklaus’ hunting mishaps, but it didn’t fit with today’s prompt, so we get a different kind of hunt. It’s fitting, since this week’s prompt is special. Instead of updating my serials, this prompt goes to writing some background for one of my protagonists in Withered Legacy (The Breach Trilogy #2). It’s been a while since I wrote about WL here, so it’s about time, too. Here’s another peek at Elle’s hunting escapades before meeting Saxon.

Prompt: “We’ve stalked each other for hours.”



Never in all the time since my exile from Heaven did I think I’d be hunting wraiths. I just couldn’t say no to Reyn, though, so here I am – playing bait while she gets the humans to safety. The wraith knows I’m nearby, can sense my energy, its own a beacon keeping me alert to its location. We’ve stalked each other for hours, circling the same four blocks. I keep myself just out of reach, beyond where the wraith could pinpoint my exact location. Dimming my energy signal helped, but only so much. One false move – a step too close – and the wraith would find me and shred me to pieces. Even a fallen angel doesn’t really stand a chance against a monster like that.

The wraith stops moving, its body floating as if underwater as it turns in place, scanning the abandoned street with shark-like eyes. Its overgrown hair hovers around it a menacing gray aura as it flexes its claws, eager to latch onto something. What is it waiting for?

“Elle.” Reyn’s whisper nearly makes me jump out of my skin. She’s crouching behind me, staying out of the wraith’s sight, also dimming her own energy.

“A little warning next time?” I glare at her, but I can’t help the relief at her presence. “Are the humans safe?”

“Yeah.” She offers a smile as she unsheathes her sword. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be, I guess.”

She nods. Two fallen angels actually have a fighting chance.


I’ve been trying to find time to sit down and write some more about Withered Legacy, so maybe this week’s prompt is just what I needed to get the ball rolling.

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Friendly Reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain is in the station and waiting for you to board! How will you wrap up Rita’s story?

As always, think happy thoughts!


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