#ThursThreads – Not a Monster



So this is supremely late. I meant to get it up sooner but today was surprisingly busy, plus I had a hard time figuring out how to work the prompt into one of my two serials. As usual, the prompt for today comes from Siobhan’s #ThursThreads prompt series.

Prompt: “He’s gotta kill me first.”

Happy reading!


Who’d have thought I’d find myself like this, in the woods with my vampire husband, helping him hunt? Niklaus is only humoring me of course – it’s not like he actually needs any help – and that possibly makes the situation even weirder. I’ve warmed up to him much quicker than I expected. Then again, I hadn’t expected to warm up to him at all.

“I’m a WHAT?” Could you blame me for exploding? It’s not every day you found out you’re one of three candidates for the local vampire prince’s bride.

My father could barely look at me, so my stepmother took the reins. “You will control yourself! What will you do if he chooses you? If you end up in the castle?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the castle clearly through the window. During the day, it was easy to pretend it wasn’t filled with blood-thirsty monsters. At night, though, it became an imposing figure in the distance, a constant reminder that we were at the vampires’ mercy.

“He’s gotta kill me first – there’s no way I’m going to that awful place.” I’d heard stories of the castle from the few people allowed inside. A glorified monster den. No thanks.

I’m shaken from my thoughts when I nearly fall over, tripping on a tree root. I blink and he’s there, steadying me, gentle hands on my elbows. “Careful.”

The castle might still be a glorified monster den, but Niklaus is no monster.


Be sure to check out the rest of the entries! Lots of talented writers always put out great stuff 🙂

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As always, think happy thoughts!


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