Different, But the Same


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A short one before #ThursThreads later. I was able to type up my response to the 100 word challenge from Thin Spiral Notebook last night, so here we are!

Prompt: Change

Looks like I’m pretty evenly flip-flopping between A Vampire’s Bride and Secondhand Soul. This one goes to the vampire (and human)! Happy reading 🙂


It’s odd, following Niklaus through the forest. He’s comfortable, more so than in the castle – changed from the vampire prince into something more feral. Occasionally, he turns to look at me. My grip on the crossbow stays strong, and I do not falter. When our eyes meet, his – though still solid black – soften from a hunter’s to a protector’s.

“I’m okay.” I do my best to smile, offer encouragement. “Really, keep going. I’m right behind you.”

We’re here to fulfill his bloodlust, and I refuse to confirm his fears that this will change how I see him.


Maybe we’ll get a longer peek at the hunting trip itself later with #ThursThreads or tomorrow with #FlashMobWrites. We’ll see! Be sure to check out the other responses through the prompt – always great stuff.

As always, think happy thoughts!


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