#ThursThreads – False Bravado


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I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. This week has flown by (probably because I didn’t have work Monday) and I feel like I’ve hardly gotten anything done.


Today’s post, as usual, comes courtesy of Siobhan’s #ThursThreads challenge. I had a hard time figure out which story to post to with this prompt, but ended up settling on Ariella’s. Weird, right? For so long Videl was at the front and center, so I’m glad that I’m varying it up a bit.

Prompt: “I have to go back.”



Before I know it, we’re at the edge of the forest. Behind us, a few miles away, the castle stands out against the night sky. My stomach turns in uncomfortable knots.

I have to go back.

The thought bubbles up without me realizing it, my nerves attempting to get the better of me.

“You sure you want to do this?” Niklaus turns to look at me, his eyes practically glowing. It’s like he can read my sudden reluctance. He can probably hear the spike in my heartbeat.

“Yes.” At least my voice is steady. I unhook my crossbow from my shoulder and hold it in front of me, my grip on it like a vice.

“If at any point you’re scared or-”

“I told you I’m not scared of vampires.” I glare at him, though it’s only half-hearted. “Especially not you.”

For a second he simply looks at me, his expression pensive. Niklaus offers me a small smile, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “If you say so.”

He closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them again, they’re not that familiar emerald, but a solid onyx. I fight the urge to take a step back, but I know he notices how my grip on the crossbow tightens.

“Stay close, and try not to make too much noise.” His canines glint in the light of the full moon, but I try not to focus on that.

“Okay.” I follow him into the forest, adrenaline pumping through my veins.


We’re finally closing in on that hunting trip! Hooray! It might be a while before we actually see it, though, since I’m hoping to write it out using a prompt with a larger word count. Just have to hope one of the prompts works out 🙂

Keep an eye on the prompt post for more stories! There’s always cool stuff to read.

Friendly reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain is open and ready for submissions. Check it out!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Update: Honorable mention! Woo!



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