A Bad Habit

Image found on myquotesclub.com

Image found on myquotesclub.com

Hello again! And so soon, too. Feeling prolific today, I guess.

Stumbled across this prompt on my Facebook feed, and it fit too well into A Vampire’s Bride not to do a tiny write up. It’s only 100 words, too – couldn’t pass that up! The prompt comes courtesy of Tara R. over at Thin Spiral Notebook. She participates in a lot of the same prompts I do, and I’ve seen her 100 Word Challenge swimming around my social media feed and just haven’t gotten around to playing. Glad I could this week, though!

Prompt: “Habit”

Here it is, to contrast the super long post from earlier:


According to his family, it’s a bad habit – a phase that will pass eventually.

“Niklaus will give into the bloodlust soon enough.”

“Animal blood won’t satisfy him forever.”

Unwilling to wait, though, they’re trying to push him into giving in. Ariella is supposed to make him succumb, but the more time he spends with his human bride, the deeper his resolve to abstain – despite his growing thirst. He’s supposed to drink from her – hell, he’s expected to turn her. But she doesn’t want that, and he’ll be damned if he hurts her more than he already has.


Always happy to give a glimpse of what my male leads are thinking. Maybe I’ll write a longer post from his POV in the future.

Friendly reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain awaits! Check out the prompt and give it a go 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!


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