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#TuesFlashFicTrain R3 – W1 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley

Renee McKinley

Happy Monday!

Last week, Renee gave us a wonderful start to a new story with tons of potential. So far, we’ve had an emotional drama and a thriller – what will this one be? Check out her response to the prompt below and tune in tomorrow for the next prompt!

Rita sneezed. Her nose dripped and she was sure some gremlin was positioned behind her left eye. It was armed with a needle and was repeatedly stabbing the back of that eye. As much as her nose itched and snotted, her eye watered at each thrust of that demonic needle.

She squeezed her nostrils together with an ever wetter tissue as she searched the medicine cabinet. There, on the top shelf she found the bottle of decongesting, anti-sneezing, sore throat soothing bottle of noxious green syrup.

Sighing as she uncapped the brew and poured a dose, Rita swallowed the vile stuff with a grimace. Not only did it taste awful, it had the odd effect of creating particularly lucid dreams. She was just a little bit afraid of what the stuff might conjure up this time once she fell asleep.

Crawling into her bed, Rita wrapped herself in the comforter and opened the book she kept on her nightstand. After only a few paragraphs, her eyesight blurred and the words faded. She laid the book down and shut her eyes, for just a moment.

She was shopping, walking the aisles of an unfamiliar grocery.

“Rita!” the deep voice startled her. She turned to see who called.

He was dressed in tight jeans and form fitting polo. His wavy brown hair framed a pleasantly friendly face highlighted with deep blue eyes.

He stood very close; she could feel the warmth of his body. His bright smile elicited a gasp of recognition. Gently, he cupped her face in his hands.

“Rita, I’ve missed you. So, so much,” he breathed as he closed on her lips.

And there’s our start. I can’t wait to see where the story goes!

Be sure to visit Renee and congratulate her all over social media:

Also, check out her neat blogs! You can find some of her other writing – lots of great stuff to read 🙂

Feedback, comments, questions? Check out the rules and/or drop me a line. I’m always looking to make the contest better and I’m open to any suggestions you guys may have.

As always, think happy thoughts!


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