#ThursThreads – Tricky Living


Happy Thursday!

I’m in an exceptionally good mood – woke up early to do Zumba, managed to stumble upon a Zumba merch sale, and got some writing done all before 10AM! It’s a good day. Even better than all that, though – today’s #ThursThreads response will contribute to a serial other than Secondhand Soul! Woo! Videl takes the backseat to Ariella, the unwilling bride to vampire Niklaus. Hooray for variety!

Prompt: “Living is tricky.”



Living is tricky – especially when you’re the only human in a den of vampires.

Every time I enter a room, the tension is palpable. They simply stare at me until Niklaus walks in behind me. As if remembering themselves and who I am, they turn away and make an effort to look extra preoccupied with whatever they’re doing. The only one who manages to not make me feel like a slab of meat, ironically, is also the only one who’s allowed to feed on me.

Niklaus has also abstained for as long as I’ve been in the castle. At least, abstained from feeding on me. Sometimes I wonder about his feeding – I’ve walked in on vampires feeding before – but then I remember that I probably don’t actually want to know.

“Niklaus?” Maybe living with vampires has ignited a morbid curiosity.

It’s a nice night as Niklaus and I walk through the gardens. My hand rests on his forearm, tucked between his arm and body.


“Why haven’t you fed from me yet?” Maybe I could have worded that better. He stops, giving me a look I can only describe as uncomfortably amused. “I mean – don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful. Just…curious. People talk.” I glance back at the castle.

“I don’t feed from humans.”

“What? Then how-?”

“Animals.” He takes my hand, chuckling humorlessly. “They thought they’d break my ‘bad habit’ by forcing me to take a bride.” I’ve never seen a more dignified eye-roll.


I kind of like the idea of Niklaus being as forced into this marriage as Ariella. All because he’s being a “bad” vampire.

Be sure to check out the rest of the responses throughout the day over at the prompt. Consider playing, too – it’s only 250 words!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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