Trembled Hearts

Happy Hump Day!

Hope everyone’s week is progressing nicely. I’ve got to say I’m enjoying the change in weather after that snow storm, though it makes me fear a little for the summer time. If it’s this warm in February, I’m not looking forward to how hot it’ll be in July.

Anyway, on to the post!

Sometimes, I feel like the weekly prompts are almost made for me – when they work out, they work out fantastically. That’s the case with one of the Master Class prompts this week from Our Write Side. It was the perfect prompt to pick up where #FlashMobWrites left off on Friday.

Prompt: Trembled hearts

The prompt serves as both inspiration and title for the following snippet of Videl’s story. Enjoy!


Trembled Hearts

This is nothing like the first time he kissed me. That first time, he was careful – in complete and total control of his actions. It doesn’t feel like that now, with his arms circling me to pull me closer, trapping me. One of his hands burrows into my hair, tilting my head back to better access my lips with his own. It’s a desperate embrace – tinged with fear at its imminent end. I’m dizzy, slowly getting drunk on the feeling of his lips trailing kisses down my neck. Who knew a demon’s touch could be so soft? His very essence is overwhelming, and I want to lose myself in it, to stop thinking and throw caution to the wind.

But I can’t, so this time I’m the careful one. I keep my hands on his jaw, or holding onto his chest, even as his roam, as if trying to memorize me. I tremble at his touch, gasping when I feel the ghost of his fingertips along the skin of my lower back. Despite the fact that I egged him on, I know how dangerous this is, know that any second now everything could come crumbling down around us. Maybe that’s reason enough to give myself over completely. Small pleasures – I repeat the phrase in my mind. I can’t let it go beyond that.

His voice brings me out of my thoughts as he murmurs my name against my skin, whispering words I only half register in a language I’m too distracted to identify. “Mea vita.”

Who am I kidding? This is already more than that. Dammit.

“M-Marcus?” I’m almost embarrassed at how needy my voice sounds. Instead, I’m mortified at the panic in my tone, even if it’s only a little. I’d be lying if I said I don’t know why I’m scared.

He sighs, his breath tickling my neck as he pulls away. His lips are back on mine for a lingering kiss, this one slow and careful. Is he trying to soothe my fear? Maybe. Or maybe he’s trying to soothe his own. One of his hands is shaking – the one that cups my chin and pulls me closer to him – so I take it in both my hands. The other hand has gone back to the wall, and I know he’s trying to regain control, to keep himself from losing it like I feel I’m about to. One of my hands falls from his to slide down his chest, and I can feel him trembling under my touch. His hand leaves my chin to catch it, to stop me from moving, simply pressing my palm to his chest. I’ve never felt someone’s heart beat through their chest before.

Marcus’ heart feels like it might break out – like I can almost touch it just beneath his skin. I break our kiss, pulling my face back just slightly, stopping when the back of my head hits the door. When did he press me against it? He rests his forehead against mine, eyes closed.

“Tell me to stop. Please.” His request catches me off-guard. It’s clear he doesn’t want to.

“I…” I realize I don’t want to, either – but we don’t have a choice. “Stop, Marcus.”

He pulls back, his eyes reflecting the look in my own – fogged over with a myriad of emotions I don’t think either of us is ready for. At some point I thought maybe another kiss would get him out of my system, but now I know that the more intimacy we share, the more deeply engraved he’ll be. Talk about a backfire.

One of his hands comes up to caress my jaw with his knuckles. That simple touch shouldn’t be so tempting, but it is. It’s all I can do to only close my eyes and lean into his hand.

“For now.” The words escape my lips before I know they’re coming. When I open my eyes again, I meet his before returning the caress. “This isn’t over. We’ll figure something out.”

Marcus takes my hand and places a soft kiss on my palm, closing his eyes as if to take in the moment. “I wish I had your optimism.”

You have me. I hold the words back, knowing they would only make all of this more difficult. Instead I stand on my toes for a second to place a quick kiss on his lips. He catches my neck, holding me there a moment longer than I intended, softly biting my bottom lip as I pull back.

“Good night, Videl.” He manages a small smile and touches my face once more, his thumb brushing along my bottom lip, before he turns around and walks down the hall. I resist the urge to make him stay, forcing myself to open the door to my bedroom again and close it behind me once I’m inside.

Good night, he said – as if I’ll actually be able to sleep.


At least they have some self control, right? Like I said, this prompt fit perfectly in where with the story was going, so it was too good an opportunity to pass up!

Take a look at the other prompts and keep you eye on the Master Class post throughout the week – people are always putting up new things to read.

Friendly reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain is open and ready for your responses!

As always, think happy thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Trembled Hearts”

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m thinking “happy” thoughts after reading that, more like spicy, haha. This is so well written. Was it hard to curb their desire? I know it was painful for me. Great suspense and cliff hanger!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was very difficult (more like excruciating) to curb it, but it would do them no good at this point to go beyond where they are – they have more important things to worry about. Videl being the one in control kind of came out of nowhere, but here she is lol. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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