Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain R2-W5!

epic comeback
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Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe we’re already at the end of round 2? This story seems to have flown by – probably from all the intensity. Let’s see what kind of excitement you have in store for the final piece of Odessa’s journey.

Before checking out the new prompt, be sure to look at the previous installments –one, two, three, and four.

So as I was writing tonight, I watched as my boyfriend experienced an epic comeback in Madden. Therefore, I want you to include an epic comeback for this story’s conclusion. You can interpret this however you please – you know the drill. Get as creative as your heart desires! It’s the finale, so I’m sure you guys won’t disappoint.

Remember, continue last week’s story, keep it under 400 words, and submit your response in the comment section below. Don’t forget to include your twitter handles and/or other social media links for promotion! Submissions close Friday at 11:59PM EST– tell your friends!

Questions, suggestions? Check out the rules in more detail and/or drop me a line!

As always, think happy thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain R2-W5!

  1. I struggled to figure out how to end this. So I had to throw a twist into it.
    Renee Tennis-McKinley @2old2tap

    Odessa gasped as she back pedaled. The shadow on the balcony moved at the same time, bursting through the plate glass door. Marbles of safety glass scattered under his feet. Odessa used his momentary imbalance to race for the door. She skidded to a stop at the sight of the knob still rattling, someone on the other side still pounding.

    She hesitated too long, the intruder from the balcony regained his footing and rushed her. She screamed as she dodged his grasp. The pounding intensified and a voice bellowed from the outer hall, “Odessa! Open the door, Odessa!”

    The intruder blocked her path, he was dressed in faded jeans and black hoodie. His breath came in pants as the pounding stopped.

    “Odessa, wait,” the figure whispered.

    Odessa’s mouth dropped in recognition, “James! Why…?

    Before he could answer the door burst open. A tall man dressed in business gray filled the door frame. James turned in surprise.

    “Hello James. I gather you weren’t expecting to see me.”

    “Arch.” James spit the name.

    Odessa’s head swiveled back and forth between the two men. “Arch? Archer Carrington? But…but you aren’t real! I made you up!”

    “Really, my dear, you’re going to continue this charade?” Archer shook his head, “if you had just walked away and kept your nose out of my business.”

    James looked at Odessa in confusion, “What’s he talking about, O’?”

    She glared at archer, “Don’t listen to him James. Hes a liar.

    “Me? Archer laughed, “I’m not nearly the liar you are, that was quite the tale you crafted. You used poor James to fill in enough truth to ruin my career. Except you forgot the part about the angry lover.”

    “We were never lovers Archer!” she hissed.

    James pulled her missing gun from the pocket of the hoodie and pointed it at her, “No, O’, you weren’t his lover.” He turned to Carrington, “I’m so sorry Arch, I didn’t know she was going to trash you like that. I’d never have gone along with it no matter how mad I was at you.”

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