#ThursThreads – Asking for help



Hey there!

For once, it’s not about Videl! Woo!

Getting some work done (or trying to) on Withered Legacy has really started to spur my ideas about Saxon, so much so that he’s the first one that popped into my mind when I read today’s #ThursThreads prompt. So here we have a snippet of a conversation he has with Elle. Saxon’s story is taking me longer than I’d like to develop, but it’s getting there.

Prompt: “Have you ever asked anyone?”


“Have you ever asked anyone for help?” Elle leaned against the railing, looking out into the darkness of the tunnel. Her voice echoed in the cavernous space.

“Oh sure – ‘hey, want to help me hunt down my brother? Why? Oh, it’s nothing, he’s just trying to resurrect our dead cousin.’” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the idea. “The only ones who could help me aren’t around. Even if they were, I don’t want to ask the Reapers for help. They’ll probably kill him.” I thought about Gale and Pan – the only Reapers I knew – and wondered if, in the event that I could somehow find them, they’d be willing to help me and go easy on Adwin.

“I could help you.” Her eyes glowed violet in the dark. It never occurred to me – with everything going on – that I could possibly ask her for help. I still wasn’t sure she was being completely honest about her nature, but her psychic ability surpassed even Lexia’s as far as I could tell. “I love pretending to be normal as much as you do, Saxon, but this gets boring after a while. We’re not meant to be underground – we should be out there, helping to clear out those monsters.”

Deep in the tunnel, a loud screech cut off anything I was going to say.

“Speak of the devil.” Elle drew her sword before hopping over the railing.

Drawing my dagger, I followed after her.


And there’s that bit! I’m feeling really good about where this is going, even though it’s going so slowly. Be sure to check out the rest of the entries throughout the day at the prompt post – there’s always really good pieces to read!

Friendly reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain prompt is up and waiting for you!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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