Alternate Endings – Severus Snape

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So I hadn’t planned on putting up another post today, but here we are.

Our Write Side has a flash prompt series titled Fractured Fridays, in which we’re asked to bring our own twists to well-known stories according to the weekly prompts. I’m not all that familiar with classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes, at least not those of the European variety (unless Disney got their grimy paws on them) so I haven’t participated in this particular series yet.

This month, however, has been a little different. The theme is rewriting the endings of well-known characters, and so far there have been two prompts that included a Harry Potter character. I dropped the ball last week and forgot to post a response when Hermione Granger was an option. This week, though, I’m in the zone. Harry Potter fan fiction is the stuff I live for! While my usual stories involve Hermione falling in love with Draco (I will ship them with my dying breath and had every intention of having that be the rewrite last week), I occasionally dabble in writing about Severus Snape. It works out, because he was among this week’s choices. Hooray!

Without further ado, my Fractured Fridays offering for the most recent prompt:



First, complete darkness – a strange kind of relief that the man thought he’d never find.

Then came the regret – regret at how he’d lived his life, at everything he’d ever done. Unlike the relief, this was a feeling with which he was intimately familiar. He took comfort in it, wrapped himself in its cold embrace. Not even he believed he deserved any kind of relief, so he held onto this feeling – the punishment he’d more than willingly suffer for an eternity.

“Sev?” It was a voice he never thought he’d hear again – never in a million years, and not even in the next life. No – wherever he’d be going next, it wouldn’t be anywhere near where she was. “Sev, what are you doing?”

He was standing at a crossroads – somewhere in the Forbidden Forest, probably – surrounded by trees and silence. The wizard thought he was alone, but there was her voice again, continuing to call out to him. When he turned, he was met with a pair of soft, gentle green eyes. They were eyes that, in recent years, had produced nothing but discomfort as he watched them reflect the hatred Potter felt for him.


“It’s been a long time, Severus.” She smiled at him, a gesture he hadn’t been on the receiving end of since they were children.

“What are you doing here?” He looked around, expecting to see him somewhere. “Where’s Potter?”

“The better question is, what do you think you’re doing here?” She dismissed his inquiry of her husband, instead walking a little closer, that smile ever-present. Lily crossed her arms, looking at Severus with what he could only describe as amusement.

“Voldermort’s snake – it killed me.”

“Did it, though? The Severus I knew wouldn’t let a few snake bites put him down…” This time, her smile was the same as the ones she gave him before they got to Hogwarts, back when they’d play pranks on her sister.

“So this isn’t-?” He looked around, noticing that his surroundings were beginning to fade, and yet his awareness was sharpening. Pain was beginning to creep into his skin. His blood pounded in his ears.

“Of course not.” She closed the distance between them, crouching by Severus as he knelt, bent over in pain. Lily’s hand ghosted over his shoulder, her touch so light he hardly felt it through the pinpricks in his skin. “You still have work to do, Sev.”

He looked up at her, at that smile she wouldn’t stop giving him. Severus choked on his words – words he only now realized he desperately needed to say.

“Lily, I’m-I’m sorry…so…”

“Shh…” Again, that smile, this time laced with forgiveness in her eyes. “I know.” Her lips brushed his forehead, and for a fleeting second, the pain stopped.

His eyes shot open, voice crying out into the empty boathouse. Potter, obedient for once, was long gone. Every inch of him ached, but that was a good thing – pain meant he was alive. Slowly, so as to not easxacerbate his pain, his fingers roamed the immediate area, trying to find his wand. Had he dropped it?

His fingers curled around the thin wood, and he garnered enough strength to lift the point of it to his neck, where his blood was still seeping out.

E-Episkey…” Severus’ voice was hoarse, but the spell was effective. After murmuring it a few more times, the bleeding stopped and his wounds closed. His throat was on fire, the pain likely not going away any time soon, but he wasn’t dying anymore.

Closing his eyes and summoning the memory of Lily’s forgiveness, he muttered the Patronus charm. In the warmth of the doe’s light, he spoke once more before losing consciousness.

“Find Hermione Granger.”


I based the ending on his death in the movie rather than the book. Personally, I think that death gives him a higher chance of survival. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!

Friendly reminder: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s #TuesFlashFicTrain prompt!

PS – Writing this reminded me that Alan Rickman died just a week and a half ago 😦 RIP

As always, think happy thoughts!

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