#TuesFlashFicTrain Round 2 – Week 3 – All A-Vote!

Image found on phototree.com
Image found on phototree.com

Happy Saturday!

Or not so happy – depends on how much you like the snow. If you don’t mind being buried under a foot of snow, then it’s a great day! Not to mention, bad weather is always conducive to getting lots of reading and writing done. Here’s hoping we all have wonderfully productive days!

You know what’s a great way to pass the time while buried in snow? Reading some flash fiction pieces! This week, #TuesFlashFicTrain has two submissions ready for your reading pleasure. Both are great and going in two totally different directions, so choose carefully!

Be sure to check out part one and two before picking part three!

Stacy Overby – @dontpanic2011

Fumbling with the phone, Odessa choked on the knot in her throat as she tried to answer.

“Hey, O!”

Odessa laughed and cried as she slid down the wall.  It didn’t matter that her dress was wrinkling or that she looked so completely undignified.

“What’s going on?  You don’t sound like you’re okay.”

“Thank God it’s you, James!  You’re never going to believe this!”

“What?  You’re flipping out.”


Silence twisted between them.

“James, tell me you’re still there.”

“I’m here.  What are you going to do?”

“Me!  You’re in on this, too!”

“I did not put us in to this situation.  You called me and drug me into it.”

“But you came.”

Silence filled the space again.



Odessa looked to make sure the phone was still on.  It was.


Not a sound.

She dropped the phone.

“What am I going to do?  This wasn’t suppose to happen.”

Odessa knew she should call the police.  Something happened to James.  She was sure of it.  But, if the police got involved, they might find out what happened.  Odessa picked up the phone again, not certain what she was going to do or who she was going to call.

Then, the silence struck her.  She’d never hung up the phone.  The dial tone eluded her, as did the annoying beeping reminding her to hang up the phone when she occasionally forgot to do so.  That knot came back, threatening to choke her as she struggled to remember how to breathe.

Renee Tennis-McKinley – @2old2tap

Four rings on the other end before the machine picked up. He waited through the canned answer, and then remained silent after the beep. Leaving the line open, he counted twenty seconds. Perhaps he had called too early; no, Odessa was there and refusing to answer.

He chuckled into the receiver before ending the call.

What to do next. He leaned back in his leather chair and propped his feet on the satin finish of his mahogany desk. The manuscript lay on the blotter with his silver pen. He supposed he had best lock the foul piece of garbage in his safe.

With a sigh he slid his feet back to the floor and leaned forward to scan the stack of paper one more time. He’d circled the errors, slashed a line through the outright lies. If it would have made a difference, he’d just as soon burn the thing. But it was late, he’d sleep on it, by morning he’d have a plan.

He pulled a manila envelope from a drawer and shoved the manuscript inside. He strode across the office and placed the package in his safe. With a last look around his office, he shrugged into his jacket and exited.

Once inside the elevator he checked his cell phone. The notifications showed one missed call; he swiped the icon for home.

When the machine picked up he left a message, “just leaving the office, sweetheart. I’ll be home soon.”

He hurried through the lobby and stepped into the night to hail a taxi.

And those are this week’s awesome submissions!

Thanks to the participants for taking the time to write up pieces for the contest. You guys rock!

Voting time!

Since the post went up late (shame on me), voting will be open until Monday morning, 8AM EST.

As always, think happy thoughts!

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