#TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W2 Winner!

Prompt Winner: Renee L. Tennis-McKinley

Renee McKinley


Happy Monday!

This past week, participation in the contest was a bit low. Still, though, the story went on and Renee submitted a great continuation of what’s quickly becoming a suspenseful thriller! Thank you so much for participating and writing such a wonderful response to last week’s prompt – can’t wait to read what happens next 🙂

Be sure to check out part one before reading her response below.

Odessa had calmed her nerves and determinedly continued the celebration. By the time everyone said their goodbyes, only Odessa still remembered the mysterious phone call.

Breathing a sigh of relief as she exited the restaurant, Odessa handed her ticket to the valet. As he left to retrieve her cranberry red Porsche a shiver rippled up her back. A quick glance over one shoulder gave reassurance there was no one behind her. Still she couldn’t shake the uneasiness that had been simmering ever since the call.

The young man delivered her car moments later and she was glad to jump on a pull away. She concentrated on the half hour drive to her apartment. When she was finally caught by an out of sync traffic signal, she spied a piece of paper tucked beneath the sun visor. Curious, she pulled it out. In the dim interior of the car she made out the words:

I remember
A. C.

Her hands trembled afresh as she stared at the compact script. She was startled by the blare of a horn behind her. The irritated driver impatiently drove around mouthing vulgarities as he passed her motionless vehicle. Odessa dropped the page on the passenger seat as she jammed the gas and raced through the light just before it returned to red.

Odessa sped through the remainder of the drive as she tried to place the voice on the phone and distinctive writing on the page next to her. Something hovered in the fringes of her mind, something she should remember.

When she finally reached her space in the parking garage she sat shaking inside her locked car for several minute. It was only fifteen feet to the elevator and Odessa ran the short way, the tap of her heels echoing loudly. Thankfully the elevator box was empty, punching ten for her floor she prayed it wouldn’t stop along the way.

The doors opened with barely a sound, Odessa cautiously peered up and down the hall before scurrying along the plush carpet. At her apartment she fumbled a moment to insert the key, whimpering with relief when her efforts succeeded in unlocking the door. Once inside, Odessa slammed it shut, locking the knob and swiftly engaging the deadbolt. Once she’d slid the often unused chain lock into place her shoulders finally relaxed as she leaned back against the door.

She nearly screamed when the land line rang.

Hope you’re all as excited about this story as I am. Again, thanks to everyone who’s participated in the contest to date – this couldn’t go on without you guys!

Be sure to visit Renee and congratulate her all over social media:

Also, check out her neat blogs! You can find some of her other writing – lots of great stuff to read 🙂

Feedback, comments, questions? Check out the rules and/or drop me a line. I’m always looking to make the contest better and I’m open to any suggestions you guys may have.

Stay tuned for tomorrow morning’s prompt!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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