#TuesFlashFicTrain R2 – W1 – Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers

Stephanie Ayers


Happy Monday! (As if that could ever be a thing.)

It’s very clearly Monday because I’m once again caught slacking. I apologize for not getting this post up earlier – shame on me – but here we are!

So we’ve made it through week one of this round of #TuesFlashFicTrain. I’m super excited about the responses we have and that so many people answered last week’s prompt! I’m pretty sure this is the most participation we’ve had (entries + votes) in a single week, and for that I’m super grateful. Congratulations to Stephanie Ayers on her beginning being chosen to kick off our new story – can’t wait to find out what you guys will write to happen next! I’m at the edge of my seat 🙂

If you haven’t read her entry yet, check it out below!

The waiter held up the wine bottle and angled it towards the table. “This our finest red from Virginia, a cool, yet crisp concoction of red and white grape, aged to perfection, with a slight pucker.” He filled the four glasses with a thimbleful of wine, set the bottle down, and stepped back from the table. Four hands touched the stems and lifted them delicately, swirling the lush burgundy liquid within the glass gently.

“Mmm,” Odessa closed her eyes. “Excellent taste, Sabine. I had no idea you liked wine, let alone Italian.”

“I don’t, but tonight is about you. Vince sends his congratulations, by the way.”

“Where is he?”

“A late meeting. ‘A publisher’s work is never done,’ he claims. There’s always another author waiting for a response.”

Odessa patted Sabine’s arm in sympathy. “You’re all he talks about. He won’t let anyone peek at the book he’s writing, but I suspect it’s all about you.”

“Well, it’s your night, so let’s talk about you and A Night to Remember. So many thought you’d never do it, and here you are, a published author.” Sabine poured refills and raised her glass. The others joined her in the toast. “To Odessa Starr, soon to be best-selling author. May this be the first of many celebrations on your way to number 1.”

Odessa blushed and emptied her glass in one swallow. “Thank you.” Before she could say more, her cellphone lit up. She flipped it over. No name, but a local number appeared underneath it. “Hello?”

A man’s voice buzzed from the phone. The guests silenced.

“Who is this?” Distress cracked Odessa’s voice. The buzzing ended quickly. “Who? I don’t know an Asher Carrington.” Angry buzzing returned. “No, I don’t, sorry. You have the wrong number.”

Odessa ended the call and dropped the phone. Her hand shook as she picked up her glass and sipped, forgetting it was empty. Someone refilled her glass, and she drank, a thin line of blood red dribbling down her chin.

“Who got you so upset?”

“A man named Asher Carrington.”

“It’s just a name. I still don’t understand why you are upset.”

“Have any of you read the book, yet?” None of them had. Odessa held her glass out for more. Filled, she continued, “Asher Carrington is a fictional character in my story. A very evil and very dead character.”

Be sure to visit Stephanie and congratulate her all over social media:

And check out her project,  Our Write Side – a community of writer resources and awesome stuff!

Again, a giant thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to participate – whether that means writing, reading, voting, or all three! I know I say this a lot but I can never say it enough – you guys are amazing. Here’s to finding out what happens next!

Keep an eye out for this week’s prompt tomorrow morning!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Tell me what you think!

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