A blending of prompts – Violent Streak

Image found on flickr.com
Image found on flickr.com


So I’m not sure if I should be proud of what I’m about to post, or ashamed for being supremely lazy. Either way, here goes.

This week I’ve been focused a little more on my fan fiction than on any of the work on here. I wanted to put up various responses/pieces based on the usual Our Write Side prompts (Master Class & Coldly Calculating), but I struggled with finding time and really needed to sleep instead of write. If you’ve been keeping up on here, you also know that my Thursday pieces are almost always responses to #ThursThreads. In an effort to participate in all three prompts, I’ve written a piece that answers all three. This week, the three have come together in a way that I just couldn’t pass up, so here we are.


  • Master Class – I chose the “Hostile Intervention” prompt, which served as general inspiration for the piece. (Word limit: None)
  • Coldly Calculating – A Bunch of Fives, the idiom referring to a fist. (Word limit: 700 or less)
  • ThursThreads – “You do now.” (Word limit: 100-250)

Be sure to check out each of the prompt links to see specifics on each.


TW – Violence.


Propensity for Violence

“Hit me.” Marcus removes his glasses before placing himself directly in front of me. I’ve never really been afraid of the demon before, but right now I’m taken aback – intimidated, even.

“What?” I put down my book – not Faustus, for once – before standing up.

“You need to unlearn your compassion, Videl. Making you violent is a start.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Besides, I don’t have a reason to hit you.”

“You do now.” He motions for me to look behind me. My mother lies at the room’s entrance, bloody, bound, and gagged.

“Mom?” I try to reach her, but Marcus cuts me off. My chest tightens, and I suppress the urge to cry by clenching my fists, my nails digging into my palms until they’re almost bleeding. “I’m going to kill you, Marcus.”

“Go ahead.” He spreads his arms, welcoming me to hit him.

When I launch myself at him, he lets me pin him to the floor, barely flinching. I punch his face until blood runs out the corner of his mouth and bruises have already formed on his cheeks. Without warning, he flips us, pinning me to the floor by my wrists.

“That’s enough for now.” With another gesture, he takes my attention to my mom. She stands, morphing before my eyes into Max. If possible, I’m even more enraged, and I know he can see the fury in my eyes. “Tap into that next time I ask you to hit me.”


Let me know what you think and keep an eye on the comment sections of the prompts linked above for awesome reading material!

Friendly Reminder#TuesFlashFicTrain is up and running again and the rules have changed a bit (submissions are now open ’til Friday). Check out the prompt post for details! Looking forward to reading your stories 🙂

UPDATE: Another #ThursThreads win! Hooray!


As always, think happy thoughts!


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