Returning to my roots…

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Happy Hump Day!

Just a quick one today.

So it’s been pretty quiet on here lately, mostly due to the holidays and the lull of the new year. During this lull, I’ve been getting a decent amount of writing done, but I’ve also reconnected with my first writing love – fan fiction. Unfortunately, my writing habits have been all over the place and really wonky, so I’ve decided to use my renewed fervor for fan fiction to correct the situation. As a result, I’ve started writing a new full-length fic over on It’s been a long time since I’ve written fan fiction, but I really think it’ll help me improve my writing rhythm. Back in the day, fan fiction was my refuge when I felt stuck on Reckoning. It looks like it’ll come to my rescue once more. That’s not to say that the content on here (#TuesFlashFicTrain included) is going to slow down any more than it already has. I intend to finish Emma’s story and continue writing about Videl (Ari is still up in the air). There’s just something about fan fiction, though – the writing seems to come more easily (probably because I don’t have any world-building to do) and the ideas flow quicker. I’m hoping that momentum carries me from my fan fiction to my original work.

Of course, I can’t mention that I’m working on fan fiction without shamelessly advertising the work a bit 🙂

It’s an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic with a Mulan twist. I’ve been wanting to write a Zutara fan fic based on Mulan’s story for a while now, and I just never got around to it. Now that the ideas are here and don’t intend to leave any time soon, I figured I could go ahead and write it.

Title: Dark Side of the Moon

Rating: T, for now

Blurb: The four nations are at war against the Order of the Red Lotus. Unwilling to sit around waiting for Hakoda and Sokka to return, Katara decides to join the fight. Who cares if the international treaty says Water Tribe women can’t enlist?

Give it a shot if it’s up your alley and let me know what you think!

Friendly Reminder: #TuesFlashFicTrain is up and running again and the rules have changed a bit (submissions are now open ’til Friday). Check out yesterday’s post for the prompt! Looking forward to reading your stories 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!

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