#ThursThreads – Consequences


Happy Christmas Eve!

So I’ve been on the road since yesterday morning (which is why nothing went up yesterday – there’s no excuse for Tuesday, though. I got lazy.) In an effort to make up for my laziness, though, I’m participating in #ThursThreads from my parents’ minivan driving through Florida on the way to see family for the holidays. Good thing it’s a short word count, because I’m not sure I would have been able to otherwise. Also, please forgive if the post looks weird/is riddled with typos – posting from a phone is harder than I thought.

It’s been a fun road trip, and I’ve even gotten some Withered Legacy writing done! Not enough – never enough – but it’s something. I doubt much writing will get done once we reach our destination, so I’ve been trying to tale advantage of the 20+ hour drive. Here’s hoping I can squeeze out some more in the next few hours. Anyway, moving on!

Prompt: “Wait on what?”



I make myself scarce just as her eyes land on where I stood only moments before. She continues to search the area, clutching Shelley close. The mother mutters her gratitude to God, crossing herself. Something in my stomach turns – exactly what is going to happen to Shelley now that I’ve interfered?

“What made you think that was a good idea?” Marcus’ voice catches me off guard. He’s standing next to me, arms crossed observing the scene as the mother continues to comfort Shelley.

“I wasn’t thinking.” How long had he been watching?

“Of course not.” I was expecting anger, but his voice holds no sign of contempt – only a mild frustration. He sighs. “I guess all we can do now is wait.”

“Wait on what, exactly?”

“On things to correct themselves.” He shrugs. “Just hope he didn’t notice.”

“How will things correct themselves?” I turn to look at him, but his eyes are trained on the little girl.

“You don’t want to know…” For the first time, there’s a hint of sorrow in his voice. “It’s best if you just forget about it – there’s a reason demons aren’t allowed to interfere in their lives unless ordered to.” He starts to turn away, and I can almost sense his desperation to leave.

“Wait.” Again, I don’t think, but simply reach out and take hold of his sleeve. “Please.”

When he turns, his eyes are distant. “She’s still going to die – it’ll just be much worse this time.”


So there’s that! I thought about a holiday theme, but it just wouldn’t come to me, so yeah. I hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday. It’s always good to get some days off work and just chill.

If you’re so inclined (in an effort to escape awkward family conversations) you should check out the rest of the prompts throughout the day. There’s always great stuff to read 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!

Update: This story won!


Image Credit: Image found via Google Image Search on sublimare.com


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