#ThursThreads – Child’s play

Image found on pinterest
Image found on pinterest

Happy Thursday!

I know I said I might be writing about Emma and Malakai today for #ThursThreads, but the prompt just didn’t fit for them this time around. Maybe tomorrow. Not to mention, I can’t say much about them with a 250 word limit. Plus I want my next installment to be as close to end of their story as possible (maybe Master Class prompts might fit better). We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, here’s more Secondhand Soul!

Prompt: “Tag, you’re it.”



“Tag, you’re it!”

Sounds of children playing float to my spot in the tree. They run in circles, completely unaware that a demon hovers so close. Parents watch from various benches, occasionally calling out warnings and reprimands.

I need to clear my mind, so instead of holing myself up in Marcus’ now stuffy house, I’ve pushed myself to go out – even if it’s just to a random park. There’s something about the children that calms me – nothing bothers them, and they aren’t worried about anything beyond toys or school. It’s easy to lose myself in their laughter, close my eyes, and attempt to rest.

“Shelley!” It’s a heart-breaking sound – mother’s despair – and it’s enough to jolt my eyes open. Almost immediately, my gaze follows the cry to where a little girl chases after a bright orange ball, heading blindly into traffic. Farther down the road, a large truck doesn’t see the danger and continues to charge in her direction.

I hardly think about what I’m doing when I launch myself from the tree, pushing my unnatural speed to its limits as I reach the little girl and wrap my arms around her. The truck barely grazes my hair.

“You okay?” I stand her on the sidewalk across the street. The truck didn’t even stop.

“Oh, Shelley!” Shelley’s mother hugs her close, muttering soft reassurances.

As the mother starts to turn to thank me, I back away, realizing too late that I probably shouldn’t have done that.


Wonder what the consequences of her impulse will be? Stay tuned!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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