Prompt time!

In lieu of #TuesFlashFicTrain (to return in January), I’ve decided to post a random prompt in the event that you’re looking for some writing fuel. This isn’t part of a contest or anything, so there aren’t any rules. Or, if you’d prefer rules, I demand that this be a free-write and you only stop when you run out of juice. If you’d like to, please post your response in the comments!

Prompt: “Life is too short to wait.”

You can incorporate the prompt however you wish – as a title, as a line within the piece, or as a theme. Whatever you choose, have fun with it!

If this prompt doesn’t do it for you, be sure to check out Our Write Side’s various prompt series as well as their Inspire page, where they’ve listed tons of different places that post great prompts all the time! Keep an eye out on here, too, as I participate in several contests a week – one of them might strike your fancy 🙂

As always, think happy thoughts!

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