#ThursThreads – A Feeling


To offset yesterday’s gargantuan post, today’s will be on the short side (also, I don’t have much to talk about).

Hope everyone’s week is going well. Things are starting to wind down for me a bit so yay! I even found time to write up a response to this week’s #ThursThreads. Predictably, it’s another piece about Videl.

Prompt: “Doesn’t that feel right?”



Each of his movements are deliberate, calculated, just like everything else he does. Adrenaline pumps through me – excitement and anxiety mingling into a feeling I can only describe as addicting. Marcus’ grip is firm, bordering on rough as he squeezes my hips in an attempt not to touch more than just that. His mouth is warm on my neck, teeth grazing my skin. He exhales, and the sound is drowned out by a moan I can’t control as my flesh erupts with tingling in response. As if to quiet me, his mouth settles over mine, hungry and frantic as he presses me into the wall. We’re interrupted before I can fully respond.

“Doesn’t that feel right, Marcus?” The voice breaks us apart, and I struggle to stay upright against the wall. “I knew having a girl around would loosen you up…”

Marcus looks at me once before his eyes flash to the intruder, mine following suit. The effect is immediate – I’m no longer out of breath or flustered. Instead, an iciness descends upon us both as we bow. We speak in unison, “Sir.”

“Don’t stop on my account – I was enjoying the show.” He laughs, but I don’t react.

“Was there something you needed, sir?” Marcus’ tone is flat, but I’ve been around him long enough to recognize the venom just below the surface. He’s never spoken to the boss like that.

“Videl, I have an assignment for you.” He’s amused, and I bite back my annoyance.


Let me know what you think and be sure to check out the other responses to the prompt throughout the day – always good stuff to read!

PS – I gave a general update on the state of my projects on here in yesterday’s post. If you’re wondering what happened/will happen with #TuesFlashFicTrain, be sure to check out the update.

As always, think happy thoughts!

UPDATE: Another honorable mention!


Image Credit: Image found via Google Image Search on deviantart.com


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