Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain Round 2 – Week 1!


I’m awful! Seriously, I need to set an alarm or something on Monday nights or everything will spiral out of control. Not to make excuses, but I totally forgot to prepare this morning’s post because NaNoWriMo had my undivided attention last night and I was pulling teeth to make the word count and keep myself moving forward.

Before we continue on to the next round, I want to take a second to once again thank everyone who’s participated in the contest! Stephanie, Renee, Chad – you guys rock. A special thanks & congrats to Stephanie for both being the first participant and for winning last week to wrap up our story. Check out her winning post here.

Anyway – it’s time for a new round of #TuesFlashFicTrain! That means this week’s prompt will be easier than usual, since you’re tasked with starting a whole new story, rather than continuing last week’s. Going with my general feelings towards NaNoWriMo now that we’re over the hill on the month, I want you to write about the sensation of pulling teeth, dragging your legs, and just generally forcing yourself to do something that you just don’t feel motivated to do, but that you actually really want to do. I have a complicated relationship with this month, if you couldn’t tell. You know the drill – be as creative as possible with your responses!

Remember, keep it under 400 words & submit your response in the comment section below. Don’t forget to include your twitter handles and/or other social media links for promotion! Submissions close when I wake up on Thursday Morning  – 10AM EST(since the post went up late) – tell your friends!

Questions, suggestions? Check out the rules in more detail and/or drop me a line!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain Round 2 – Week 1!

  1. NaNoWriMo has occupied all of my time to prevent participating. OK, to be honest, NaNoWriMo has taught me outstanding ways to procrastinate and pointed out that I have a gazillion hobbies I only have when I should be writing. Good luck on everything 🙂

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