#ThursThreads – The clock is running out…


Just a quick post. It seems like new story ideas always pop up at the worst time. I’ve been trying to keep my focus on Withered Legacy but sometimes a prompt comes along that just feeds my other ideas. This week’s ThursThreads prompt was one of those. Ever since I wrote The Runner a while back for FlashMobWrites, I’ve been curious to develop that character further. Why did she become the devil’s runner? Where is her story going? The following piece semi-answers the first question. Thankfully, I’m ahead enough in my NaNoWriMo project that I can afford to divert my attention for a bit.

Prompt: The clock is running out.




I stare between my mother and grandmother – how could they do this to me? Ten minutes to midnight – the clock is running out on my freedom. There’s no escaping my fate, and them telling me what would happen when the clock strikes twelve didn’t help to ease my ever-increasing panic.

“Why?” My voice breaks on the word, and I try not to look at my mother. It’s not her fault – she didn’t sell my soul, even though she knew about it all this time and chose only now to tell me. Instead, I focus on glaring at my grandmother, unable to hide the fury and betrayal in my eyes.

“Videl…” She has the audacity to look ashamed, to look sorry. “I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Bullshit. You knew full well what you were doing.” Five minutes. “Who sells their unborn granddaughter’s soul – to the devil, of all things – and doesn’t know what that would entail?” Were her powers – her eternal youth – worth my life?

My mother, full of sorrow, tries to comfort me, and for a second I consider pushing her away, too. Why wait twenty-five years to tell me? ‘We wanted you to have a normal life’ is a shitty excuse and she knows it. I was barely my own person now – having only just established my life apart from them. Soon enough I’d lose myself to someone – something – else.

“I need to be alone.” One minute.


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Image Credit: Image found via Google Image Search on tumblr.com


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