Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain – Week 5 (do-over!)


Happy birthday to me!

So the past week has been kind of crazy for me, what with NaNoWriMo and trying to stay on track. As a result, we pushed week 5 over one whole week. Lucky for how crazy my week was, others seem to have been having similar issues. I’m still clearly a bit out of it, since this post is going up much later than I would like and I’m going to be playing NaNo catch-up tonight…

First things first, be sure to check out parts one, two, three, and four before tackling this week’s prompt! Also take a minute to congratulate Stephanie Ayers on her most recent win in part four. Keep in mind you have to wrap the story up where she left off.

Anyway, it’s my birthday today, and going with the idea of birthdays, for this week I want you to write about gifts. The protagonist could be giving or receiving, and the gift can be anything – let your imaginations run free as always. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how this story ends and can’t wait to see what you guys have cooking in those wonderfully creative minds! Hopefully I’m not taking away too much from your NaNoWriMo projects 🙂

Call for suggestions: Still looking for title ideas! For now, the only suggestion has been Gone. I like that title, but let’s hear some more!

Remember, continue week four’s story, keep it under 400 words, and submit your response in the comment section below. Don’t forget to include your twitter handles and/or other social media links for promotion! Submissions close Thursday at 8:00AM EST (since this is going up late)– tell your friends!

Questions, suggestions? Check out the rules in more detail and/or drop me a line!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “Hop on #TuesFlashFicTrain – Week 5 (do-over!)

  1. Happy Birthday, Katheryn! I hope you had a great day!

    My final entry:

    My fingers fumbled nervously as I tore at the stitches. My curiosity grew larger every second. Just as I burst, the last stitch broke, and the seam spilled open. My eyes closed as my fear trembled hand reached inside, and touched something cool and metallic. I opened one eye as I pulled the item out. A shiny silver key sat there on my palm. Long and thin with a wide top, it was an antique key that would open an old lock. My mind shifted through the various rooms of the house. I knew I overlooked something. I wandered through the house slowly, until a small silver chest tarnished with age atop my mother’s dresser caught my eye. The lid refused to open until I stuck the key in the lock and turned it. A stubborn click released the top, which flipped open spontaneously. The wind blew cold breath on the back of my neck, pushing me forward just enough to peek in the box. It contained papers, neatly folded and yellowed by time.

    I sat on the bed, and chewed my bottom lip. The wind ruffled the papers in the chest before planting a kiss on my cheek. Heat chased the wind out, and I sat there, too stunned to move. The house had been sealed shut, and I had not opened a single window. Where did this wind come from? Icy fingers crawled up my arms, and I rose. A push of frigid air brought me to the chest again. I stared at the papers, not yet ready to cure my wonder. The wind pushed again, insistent. I reached out, then balled my quivering fingers into a fist and shook it.

    Dust bunnies scattered as I lifted the paper from the chest. As I opened it and read, memories rushed over me. The old woman returned, my face intimate with the palm of her hand. My cheek stung as though I had been slapped, yet no one was there. I lowered the papers, taking it all in when a news clipping fluttered to the floor.

    “Couple saves child from house fire.”

    My mother and father stood in the headline photo, a small girl between them.

    “Octavia Wylde accused of arson and child endangerment.”

    My eyes focused on the papers again, taking in my name and the two names beneath it. My final gift of love from the parents I never thought loved me, my adoption papers. My entire life history contained in one small box.

    I had been gone too long.

    Twitter: @theauthorSAM
    FB: https://www.facebook,com/theauthorSAM
    Web: http://ourwriteside.com

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  2. 2old2tap

    Happy Birthday, Katheryn! I hope your day was filled with wonderfulness.
    And here’s my offering for the do-over.

    With the echo of those hateful words still reverberating in my mind I tried to focus on the stitches. I hesitated before trying remove them. Did I truly want to know what was hidden inside? I tried to remember seeing the teddy since that terrible night.

    I couldn’t remember. If fact I remembered nothing of that night after the crashing of the tree
    Steeling myself against one more disappointment, I picked at the stitches. As I focused on the task at hand, any further memories were held at bay. It was a welcome relief.

    Finally pulling the last stitch free, I timidly probed the old fiber fill. My finger grasped a small plastic bottle and pulled it out. It was an old medicine bottle. Whatever label it had once sported had been removed. Snapping the lid off, I removed a tightly rolled paper. Notebook paper, folded twice over and then carefully wound to fit inside its small container.

    I sat on the dusty floor, the teddy still in my lap. It was with trembling fingers I opened the sheet, flattening it on a space I’d cleared of dust. I recognized my mother’s neat script.

    You’ve been gone for over a year now. I tried to clean up your room but had to stop. I found your teddy bear in the back of your closet. I always wondered what happened to it, but I didn’t ask because of that night.

    I wanted so much to take you into my arms then, but it wasn’t my place. You weren’t my child yet.

    We had to walk away, your father and me. We did everything we could to hurry the paperwork and push the agency to expedite the adoption. How I wish we’d just swept you up and taken you that night.

    When the legal machinations were finally done, you came to us a frightened, mistrustful child. Your father forever held himself responsible for not be able to bring you from that awful place earlier.

    I’m so glad you keep writing to him. It means more that you can know.

    Maybe we should have tried harder. We thought all you needed was time and space to learn we loved you with all our hearts. When we realized our error, it was too late. We couldn’t find our way around the walls you built.

    I’m writing this knowing I will never mail it to you. I guess it’s just for myself. But if by chance one you find this…

    We are proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished.
    I love you, so much. Your father loves you so much.

    Love, Mom”

    Tears spilled freely to the floor. My mother would never know how much this meant. This gift of the knowledge of their love.
    I wish I had come back sooner.

    (Echo of Endings) all I could come up with for a title.

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