#TuesFlashFicTrain Week 4 – All A-Vote!

It’s voting time again!

This week, we have two thought-provoking, beautiful pieces to read, and I’m sure you guys will enjoy them as much as I did! Be sure to check out parts one, two, and three before reading the potential next pieces. Also, keep in mind that we’re nearing the end and looking for a title. If you have a suggestion, feel free to drop it in the comments!


Renee L.Tennis-McKinley – @2old2tap

These things saved so lovingly, yet the feeling never transferred to me. I never felt the love.

Was it me? Did something live within me that refused to accept that love passed my way?

I searched my memories striving to find a clue. An unexpected hug from my mother. A genuine smile of approval from my father.

I stood in the darkened room searching for shadows within shadows.

The breeze lifted the heavy curtains that blocked the tiny window. For only a moment, dreary light flashed unwillingly on my old desk. It huddles in a corner, dust covering the scarred surface. I lay my fingers in its depth, feathery tracks intruding in a sterile landscape.

I pulled the center drawer open, inside were pens and paper. Pink flowered stationary. I remembered begging my mother to buy for me so I could write a thank you letter to my grandparents after my tenth birthday.

Another drawer held birthday cards from friends and relatives. But, none from my parents. They had saved things of me, yet left nothing for me to remember. I slammed the drawer shut.

A muffled thud behind the desk startled me. I felt about the floor beneath it, my hands coming across a long forgotten tome. Pulling it out, I knew instinctively what it was.

White leather cover adorned with gilt colored script. My Diary.

The strap with the gold plated hasp was tarnished with age. The tiny keyhole beckoning.

I no longer had that key. This fact left me unsure whether I wished to rejoice or mourn.

Perhaps there were forgotten moments of happiness recorded on those pages. Perhaps the admission to my young self of some misdeed.

Either way, I didn’t know if I could bear the memories written inside.

Stephanie Ayers – @theauthorSAM

A flashback zapped me from the dusty room. My fingers still caressed the soft velvet; the fake fur pure white, the plastic smell of the department store drifted to my nose. Music played softly in the background. The room spun with powerful scents of pine and cinnamon, a fire flared in an open fireplace. The heat penetrated through my red sweater and sweat moistened my skin. An unrecognized voice mumbled behind me. I turned toward the sound and gasped. The little bear in my grip tumbled to the floor and into the ashes scattered in front of the fire.

“Octavia!” Ice edged the shrewd voice.

I trembled and reached out to gain my balance. The sharp tips of the evergreen bit into the soft flesh of my palm. Instead of supporting me, the whole tree crashed down on top of me, the small ornaments jabbing splintered glass into my skin. My mouth quivered, and one tear after another fell on my cheek. I shrank into myself as the old woman raced towards me, her hand raised high, and her voice a belt across my back.

“You stupid child” echoed from the walls around me as reality crashed in, the dampness on my face the only witness to my nightmare.

“Oh my god.” The words slipped from my lips before I knew they desired release. I clutched the teddy tight in my arms, pressing the musty body into mine, my nose burying itself in its head. I squeezed as hard as I could, but something resisted. I turned the bear over. Small, neat stitches held his back seam together.

Someone had hidden something inside.

I can’t say this enough – thank you so much for participating (whether it’s as writers or readers)! Can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

Voting time!

Voting will be open until Saturday at 11:59PM EST. Be sure to share the voting post and show these authors some love!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Image Credit: Image found via Google Image Search on photoree.com

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