#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers

Stephanie Ayers

Things just keep getting better and better! The contest is growing, and the competition was tough – we had three participants, all with lovely additions to our tale. At the end, though, one author’s response to the prompt came out on top – congratulations Stephanie Ayers on your second win! Your hauntingly beautiful entry is now officially part three in the story, meaning we’re just over the halfway point! Two more weeks and we’ll be finishing up this story to start another 🙂

Check out Stephanie’s winning entry below and stay tuned to see what happens next!

I opened my eyes, remnants of the daydream hazing around the edges of my mind. A gust of wind made the rocking chair creak, its chilly finger caressed my cheek as it passed. Tears pooled against my eyelids. I let them fall, unable to withhold the ache of my heart any longer. I buried my face into the quilt, inhaling the scents of the house—cinnamon, moth balls, Downy April Fresh. The wind changed direction, resting heavy arms on my shoulders and threading wispy ribbons around me. I wailed once, my voice filled the small space. It bounced back to me from the window and trembled through me. The wind clutched me tighter giving me pause.

My face rose from the blanket, and my eyes sweep the room. Ice ran through me again, jerking the blanket from my grasp, and it fell to the floor. I gasped as a shadow crossed the wall. It waited for a moment, like a beckoning finger, and disappeared as I stepped forward. I opened the door to another shadow bathed room. Whatever I thought I saw was lost in this darkness. Wind pushes me forward. I stumbled over something in my path. I knelt, and searched the floor until I found it. Soft velvet crinkled under my fingertips.

A tear plopped hollowly on the wooden floor. My childhood teddy, the one Christmas present I ever received, its white fur yellowed with age, its soft brown nose peeling, and its sapphire blue velvet vest cloaked in dust, cradled in my arms. I had thought it lost so many years ago, but here it was, a kept memory.

Yes, I had indeed stayed away too long.

Be sure to visit Stephanie and congratulate her all over social media:

And check out her project,  Our Write Side – a community of writer resources and awesome stuff!

The excitement just keeps going! These writers are all awesome and I’m so grateful for their participation and help in spreading the word for this contest. Here’s hoping it continues to grow and that we’ll see many more wonderful pieces in the future! Again, thank you so much for playing with me and sharing your awesome writing!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s prompt!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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