#ThursThreads – Hopeless


I really don’t intend to keep starting these mini-series stories, but they just keep happening, and now I can’t seem to stop. Oh well.

The post will be a short one today, as there’s not much to report.

This week’s #ThursThreads prompt fed right into my vampire’s bride story, so how could I not keep writing it?

Prompt: “You can’t ever go back.”





“You will never see your family again. Is that understood?”

I nodded, unable to do much else. Any bravado I might have been able to retain was out the proverbial window when they uttered those words. There were five vampires, nearly identical in appearance save for minor differences – eye color, hair color. They might as well have all been the same person, though – they all looked at me with matching combinations of disdain and hunger and spoke with the same monotone voice as they delivered their order, their explanation of the rules.

“You’re dismissed, Niklaus. And teach your bride some manners.” Niklaus. It only occurred to me then I’d never paid my new husband’s name much thought. As for my manners, something told me Niklaus preferred a rebellious bride.

I was shaking – with fury or fear, I wasn’t sure – as Niklaus walked us back to our quarters. Rather than taking me to the bedroom, though, we stopped in a sitting room.

“Ariella…I thought you knew you can’t ever go back?” Why was he trying to be gentle? I was prepared for a struggle. I wasn’t ready for someone who actually cared. Of course, I did know that – but hearing it from them somehow made it worse. It was the nail in my coffin, so to speak.

“I did. Don’t know why I bothered thinking otherwise.” I thought about lashing out at Niklaus, but it was no use. I didn’t need to go around making enemies.


And that’s that. It’s pretty difficult to move a story along at 250 words a post, but I’ll manage, if that’s the direction these prompts take me. Check out the other responses at the prompt link for some awesome stories!

Friendly reminder: This week, #TuesFlashFicTrain had two entries! That means the poll has gone up for readers to vote on their favorite – don’t forget to check it out.

As always, think happy thoughts!

Image Credit: Image found via Google Image Search on pinterest.com


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