#TuesFlashFicTrain Winner!

Prompt Winner: Stephanie Ayers

Stephanie Ayers

Great news – this week #TuesFlashFicTrain had its first participant: Stephanie Ayers! She wrote a beautiful piece in response to the homecoming nostalgia prompt. Check it out!

The stale air of vacancy met my nostrils. A layer of dust settled over the tidy couch. Photographs appeared faded in their frames. I picked up the closest one. Father and I at a baseball game. His body language spoke volumes as he stood a small distance from me, no warm hand around my shoulder. Mother hovered in the background, her fake smile just as beautiful as the real one she rarely revealed.

I had been gone too long.

I ran away from everything, unable to endure the dramatic atmosphere any longer. Mother cried when I left, my father offered a mere nod. Their emotions evaded me. I never could quite grasp their affection or the lack thereof. Why they adopted me, I did not know. My childhood lacked little, save love. My efforts to find my natural family eluded me, so I returned.

I pressed a key on the piano. The soft note sang harshly, out of tune. A pile of letters on the side table caught my attention. My hand trembled as I reached for it, closing my eyes against the words I hoped not to see. There they laid, black against the white paper. My return address hovered at the top left corner. All but one had been opened. My father must have passed before he could read it. If he had, maybe he would have held on a little longer.

I stayed away too long.

A million thanks to Stephanie for being the first participant in my contest! I started this almost two months ago and was beginning to lose hope, so thank you for playing! I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future 🙂

Be sure to visit Stephanie and congratulate her all over social media:

And check out her project, Our Write Side – a great place to find info of all kinds for writers. They’ve got prompts, advice pieces, freelance services, you name it! They just launched this past week and already have a ton of content for your reading and writing pleasures, so have at it:

Normally, the winner would be decided via voting, which would have been open from today until Saturday. Then, the winner post would have gone up on Monday. For now, we’ll just keep going with the flow until we reach a steady rhythm. Now that we’ve got a piece to start with, let’s hope next week attracts more participants so we can really get the ball rolling!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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