WOW 555 – Scene in an orchard

Happy Friday!

I’m slacking on getting these up in time. Shame on me.

I’v been trying to get back into Zumba now that my ankle isn’t shot, but finding that same motivation I had before has been pretty difficult. Not to mention that I’ve recently gotten kind of back into video games (Tomb Raider), making it harder to motivate myself to be productive. My reading list has also been suffering, so I’m attempting to jump start my reading habits by picking up 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (It’s pretty good, you should check it out!). I haven’t picked up a book that thick in a very long time, so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, this week’s #WOW555 prompt was more vague than usual, just specifying a setting. It was the perfect atmosphere, though, for what I wanted to do with my story, so yay! We’re taking a break this week from Emma and Malakai and taking a peek into Emma’s parents’ relationship. Without further ado, Alana and Aedan!

Prompt: some portion of the story should take place in an orchard.



“Do you think she can do it?” I didn’t have to turn around to know he was standing right behind me – that my question wasn’t going up into the air without anyone to hear it. No matter how much time passed without seeing each other, the slightest change in the air was the only hint I needed to know he was there.

“She’s a clever girl – and she’s not alone.” Aedan’s voice floated over from the other side of the clearing. The queen had a cruel sense of humor. She assigned him to guard me, although there was little I could do, stuck in Sídhe. It was only because the queen herself kept me alive that I was able to stay conscious. Despite the beautiful scenery around me – an ethereal orchard that seemed to go on forever in every direction, guaranteeing I’d get lost if I attempted to walk out of this clearing – I couldn’t help the sense of dread building inside me.

“I’m sorry, Alana.” He walked over to me, taking my hand in his. “And I know you blame yourself as well for putting her in this position, but we knew this would happen, right?”

“That doesn’t make it any better. We could have tried harder.” I pulled my hand away. “You could have tried harder.” I knew I was being hard on him, but I had nowhere else to vent my anger. By nature, he was bound to the queen, and it was a miracle he’d been able to do as much as he had already. That didn’t stop my resentment, though I couldn’t be sure if I was angrier at him or myself.

Aedan made his way towards one of the trees, reaching up to grab a red apple – just as he had the last time, and the time before that, under the queen’s orders. “Are you hungry?”

“No.” And it was true. Aeden had managed to warn me that I’d be taken, and I knew how the Sídhe worked. I’d be stuck forever, regardless of the queen’s will, if I allowed myself to eat something here. I’d had the foresight to brew and drink a potion that would sustain me for at least a month in human time – enough time for me to think of a way out, if I needed to.

He smiled before taking a bite of the apple. “Very well.”

“Why couldn’t the queen send you or someone else to recover the phoenix egg, anyway? Why Emma?” I moved to sit at the base of a tree, leaning back and getting comfortable.

“She works in mysterious ways. We don’t question it, you know that.” He joined me, sitting cross-legged in front of me.

“Maybe you should.”

“You know we can’t.”

But that didn’t mean I had to accept it. Sometimes I wondered why I thought a relationship with him would work. Then I remembered I loved him, and any rational thought went out the proverbial window.


And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed it, and remember to check out the rest of the entries on Saturday! Are you a writer? Consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

PS. This past week, Wendy, host of #WOW555, along with a group of really awesome people launched a new website: You should totally check it out (enter their Launch Day Give Away – you could win a copy of Reckoning!), and show them some support!

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