#ThursThreads – Getting Comfortable



So by the looks of this week’s response to the #ThursThreads prompt, I might be starting up another mini-series. Although, at 250 words each episode, it’ll be harder to move along. I might have to incorporate more time-jumps than I did with Emma and Malakai. Or, maybe it’ll be a series of snapshots instead of one cohesive story. Who knows? All I know is that this week’s prompt basically walked me into the very next scene for Ariella.

Prompt: “We’re already late.”


As someone who tries really hard to be on time, this speaks to me on a spiritual level.


Getting Comfortable

I half expected him to stay in the room after asking me to change, but instead he took one step back and closed the door. Odd – wasn’t he supposed to be my husband? And to think I’d already gone through all the trouble of psyching myself out to prepare for being a vampire’s bride. Rather than give him another reason to tell me to hurry, I rushed to change. This new dress was a stark contrast from my wedding gown – a vivid, clingy, crimson material. Slipping into it was easy enough. On impulse, I called out to him.

“You can wait in here, if you want.” I was surprised at my voice’s steadiness. A part of me hoped he’d just stay outside.

Instead, he did exactly as I said, coming into the room. My husband – that was going to take some getting used to – leaned against the door, watching me.

“Sorry, I just need to find my shoes.” Just as the words left my mouth, I spotted them in the corner of the room. “We’re already late, anyway, right? Can’t they wait a bit for their prince?” And there it was again, the bravado that had gotten me through the ceremony the night before.

“I can already tell I made the right choice.” He laughed, some of his nerves apparently dissipating.

My lips twitched in response, before I caught myself. It was almost easy to relax around him.

A moment later, we were out the door.


Hope you liked it! Enjoy reading flash fiction? Check out the other responses throughout the day!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Image credit: Image found via Google Image Search on quotesgram.com


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