#ThursThreads – Still Unwilling



This’ll be a short post, since I don’t have much to talk about.

Quick update on #TuesFlashFicTrain – it seems to be gaining some traction! Still haven’t had any participants, but we’re getting there, I think. I’ve also updated the rules to make them clearer. Anyway, stay tuned next week for the next prompt! For now, enjoy my weekly flash pieces.

This week’s #ThursThreads prompt is: “Why aren’t you changed?”


Morning After

My first thought upon waking was panic. Where was I? The previous night was a blur, and for a moment I couldn’t remember anything. I sat up, taking in my unfamiliar surroundings – the lavish décor, the rich fabric of the bed and carpets. And then it all came crashing down.

I was married – to a vampire. He was nowhere to be seen, but that did little to ease my nerves. When I finally dragged myself out of the bed, I realized I was still fully clothed – every garment intact. Had nothing happened the night before? My stepmother gave me a drug to make it easier – to essentially make it so I felt nothing. Instinct told me he hadn’t come near me in my drugged state – was that a good thing?

A knock at the door shocked me from my thoughts.

“May I come in?”

“Y-Yes.” I couldn’t help the grip on my dress.

When he opened the door, he did so cautiously. He looked like someone approaching a wild, dangerous animal. I almost laughed at the thought, knowing full well who in this situation was the predator. “Why aren’t you changed yet?”

“What?” I followed his gesture to a dress hanging from the door of one of the dressers. “Oh – sorry, I didn’t know…” There went any sign of bravery.

“It’s alright. Just hurry.” His voice was gentle, and he seemed as nervous as I was – why? “The council is expecting us soon.”


I’m still debating whether I’ll turn this into an episodic story like Emma and Malakai. I don’t feel as attached to Ariella as I do to them. For now, I’m just going with the flow. If future prompts continue to inspire this story, I’ll keep writing it.

Don’t forget to check out the other entries or submit your own! The contest is open until 8PM Mountain Time.

As always, think happy thoughts!


Another Honorable Mention! Yay!

Image credit: Image found via Google Image Search on flickr.com


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