#ThursThreads – Unwilling Offering


Drawing of Ariella I did a very long time ago…

Another week, another round of flash fiction contests!

This week’s #ThursThreads challenge prompt was: “We don’t have time to play.”

I’m wondering if I should start another bout of connected snippets for this contest, starting with today’s entry. I guess that depends on next week’s prompt line, but who knows? Against my better judgement, I just might! It’ll be tougher than Emma and Malakai, thanks to the much shorter word count. We’ll see, I suppose.

Hope you like a peek at Ariella! Her story has been swimming around in my brain for a while, just waiting for the right outlet. I thought about writing possibly a novella with her, but maybe the tiny shorts might serve her story better.

Anyway, here she is!



My reflection stared back at me as my stepmother worked and fussed over my appearance.

“Whose idea was it for us to wear white, anyway?” It was a dreadful color, not to mention the dress was just waiting to get wrecked by my inability to walk with any semblance of grace. Whether at my hands or those of my potential groom, my dress’s fate was sealed. Personally, I preferred the former.

“Tradition, Ariella.”

“Well it’s stupid.” I flinched as she tightened the laces in the back.

“Watch it, young lady.” She shot me a glare, reprimanding me. “The last thing we need is for you to make them angry.”

“Maybe he won’t pick me if I do.” I shrugged, trying to be flippant, pulling away from her and turning around to examine the dress. If being surly had a chance of getting me out of this, I was willing to try.

“This isn’t a game, and we don’t have time to play around. You need to take this more seriously!” She grabbed my arm, jerking me to a stop.

Fuming, I yanked my arm away. “Don’t you think I know that? I’m the one being offered on a silver platter to a bloodsucker!”


“No – I will handle this however I damn well please.” I straightened up, smoothing out the wrinkles in my dress. Outside, the knock on the door signaled the arrival of a page with impeccable timing, come to collect me for presentation to the vampire court.


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Got an Honorable Mention for this one!

As always, think happy thoughts!


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