#ThursThreads – Charades!

I love this quote! Definitely words to live by.

It feels nice to write something other than Emma and Malakai for a flash fiction contest. I thought about putting up another snippet of Saxon’s adventures in Withered Legacy, but it just didn’t make sense with the prompt this time around, so I opted to tell a new story!

#ThursThreads prompt line from last week’s winner: “Body…er…chemistry.”




Amy continued to flail around in her cute, if sad, attempt at playing charades. Despite being a very bright three year old, she wasn’t very good at this game, completely unaware that my adult mind did not work the same way hers did. My imagination leaves much to be desired, making me the worst charades partner for a child – ever. They kept that in mind when they assigned me to her, hoping for results.

She kept signaling to herself, lying down, and then pointing at my lab coat.


She shook her head and laughed at me, her snow-white curls bouncing with each movement, the glint in her eyes telling me the answer was obvious. Maybe to her, but I just kept drawing blanks. Though she laughed, I could tell she was frustrated. Unfortunately for her, frustration was what I was going for. Something in her eyes seemed to snap, and she tugged on my lab coat.

“You want my coat?”

She nodded, so I shrugged out of it and handed it to her. It was about ten sizes too big, and she draped it over herself. She began hovering around the room in circles, occasionally rushing up to me and lifting her arms.

“Oh! A ghost?”

“Yay!” She threw the coat off with a smile, happily continuing to fly around the room in celebration.

“I could have guessed by now if you’d used your power sooner.”

“That’s too easy! Aren’t scientists supposed to be smart?”


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On a side note – I really like how short the word count is on #ThursThreads – makes for quick reads and writes, so I’ll definitely be shortening the word count on my own contest (looking back, 800 definitely seems like a lot).

As always, think happy thoughts!

Image credit: Image found via Google Image Search on artfulparent.com

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