WOW 555 – Spicing things up!

Happy Friday!

Now that I’ve been at work a full week, it feels like I never went on vacation in the first place! But that’s okay – the relaxation was fun while it lasted. Also, three-day weekend incoming! Woo!

This week was a very good one for me – not necessarily writing-wise, but discipline-wise. I ordered the most recent Zumba DVD set, and let me tell you, I’m super stoked! The new routines are unbelievably fun and they’re exactly what I needed as an extra push to get back into exercising. After a week of working out I feel healthier already, my energy levels higher than they’ve been in a while. I’ve been great about working out lately (if not a little bored by the routines) so here’s hoping I get some real results from the new routines. I might even try some of the recipes that came with the kit! Who knows?!

Writing-wise, I still need to make some more time to work on Withered Legacy. Between Emma’s story and trying to start my own flash fiction contest, finding time to work on it has been harder than usual. I’m hoping to finish Emma’s story by November, so I can dedicate NaNoWriMo to Withered Legacy. We’ll see how that goes.

So far, so good, though! This week’s #WOW555 prompt forced me into some research and written acrobatics to move the story forward, but I managed!

Prompt: this week’s prompt is to include some sort of spice as an important element in the story.


An Impossible Task

Home? It didn’t feel like home. This strange world was anything but. I felt like that awkward new kid in high school – knowing it’d be tough to fit in, and still suffering painstakingly through puberty. In the shadow of this being’s presence, I felt insignificant and tiny.

“Your father has kept you from us for far too long.” Her voice had an edge to it – I wanted to call it anger but it was more than that. A fury she was working very hard to contain. “Clara, you’re dismissed.”

The woman in question bowed deeply before turning around. A large gap appeared before her and she stepped through it. I could only image she would be reappearing wherever she called home.

“What do you want from me?”

“Show your monarch some respect.” A carefully raised eyebrow was the only hint on her face that she wasn’t pleased with me.

“What do you want, your highness?” With a slight tilt of my head, I tried to maintain eye contact.

“Cheeky. I suppose there’s more of your mother in you than I imagined.” She made her way towards me from the throne, her body floating as if moving through water. “I have a task for you, changeling. Until you’ve completed it, you belong to my court. You can only leave if I allow it.”

“And if I refuse?” How bad could staying there possibly be?

“You won’t.” She snapped her fingers – and behind her appeared my mom – bound and gagged by my father, who stood beside her, face stoic, eyes like ice. “Unlike your father, you’re not bound to do as I say, exactly, but there are other ways to persuade you.”

“If you hurt her…” My mother’s eyes were foggy – her mind apparently in a haze.

“No harm will come to her, as long as you obey.” I flinched at the last word. “I have an aversion to violence, you see.”

“I find that hard to believe.” Crossing my arms, I met her eyes again. “So what’s this task?”

“Bring me an egg of myrrh, laid by the immortal fowl.” The queen said it so dismissively, I thought she was joking. “Once I have it, you and your mother are free to go.”

“Immortal bird?” The only thing I could think of was – “A phoenix? You want a phoenix egg made of myrrh? Phoenixes aren’t even real – at least not anymore. And as far as I know, they didn’t lay eggs – let alone eggs made of a spice.” It was ridiculous.

“You’re right. On both counts.” She smiled!

“You’ve given me an impossible task.”

“No, I haven’t.” A smirk.

“Liar!” It was difficult to control my anger, the word leaving my mouth before I could reel it in.

The queen turned her gaze on me – colder than the arctic I’d only hours before walked through – before responding in a stilted voice, “Never accuse me of lying. Fey do not lie.”



Impossible task – that’s what it felt like going into this prompt. I’m actually pretty proud of what I came up with, though, so huzzah on that!

You know what to do – keep a lookout for the rest of the responses on Saturday and/or join the fun!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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