WOW 555 – Otherwordly

Happy Friday!

I’m back and my vacation was awesome! I just wish it had been longer. On the bright side, this week was a short one for me, work-wise, so hooray! In hindsight, I definitely should have taken a recovery-day instead of going right back to work as soon as I returned, but oh well – you live and you learn.

Anyway, now that I’m back, it’s back to the grind. That means writing, writing, and more writing, with some reading thrown into the mix. I did get through two books over vacation, so I’m hoping that will serve as the impulse I need to keep it going. I refuse to bring the number on my reading challenge down again – 50 books is totally doable!

#TuesFlashFicTrain is also going to be re-launched next week. Here’s hoping I get some participation! You know you guys want to play!

Speaking of flash contests, #WOW555 is still challenging as ever! Hopefully my response fits.

Prompt: this week’s prompt is to include something otherworldly in your story while avoiding cliches.

Here’s to avoiding cliches!



For every lunge, the witch retaliated. Every time she injured me, I recovered in seconds. It would go on forever unless I surrendered or managed to hurt her. Unfortunately for me, she had experience on her side, while my rage did little to help the situation. Behind me, Esther and Malakai remained unconscious. Could they afford to wait however long it took me to defeat the witch?

Probably not.

“Give up. How much longer do you think he’ll hold on?”

I could hardly tell if Malakai was breathing from across the room, my head momentarily spinning from the impact of hitting the floor. Meanwhile, the witch looked utterly unfazed. She left me little choice.

“If I surrender – will you let them go?” I still didn’t even know why she wanted me so badly. My proposition gave her pause.

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. But wake Esther, and heal Malakai.” She looked me up and down, examining me for something – any sign I might be lying. She seemed satisfied after a few seconds, waving her hand. Behind me, Esther gasped to life.

Lunging to her brother, she called his name. “I swear, Clara, if he doesn’t wake up-”

Clara waved her hand again, and Malakai was awake, recovered. Neither Esther nor Malakai had a chance to react before Clara gestured a third and final time, making them disappear.

“What did you do to them?”

“I sent them away. Don’t need either of them anymore, do I?” She walked over to me, and before I could do anything, she clamped her hands on my wrists, binding them together in invisible shackles. When she walked away, I felt a pull, as if she were dragging me behind her with a chain.

“What’s going to happen to me?” Clara didn’t answer, but walked us through a door I hadn’t noticed before. There was nothing but darkness on the other side, her body disappearing into the abyss before I followed. “No – wait!”

When I stepped through the door, I closed my eyes, unsure of what to expect. A warm breeze greeted me, the smell of grass and woods after rain following shortly after. My eyes opened to the most breathtaking sight I’d ever seen. It was a painting come to life – a moonlit grove of trees and flowers of endless colors in constant, ethereal motion. It was a moment before I realized the malformed tree in the center was a chair – a throne – occupied by what I could only describe as the personification of enchanting. Every inch of her was starlight, her body covered in liquid sunlight, her hair a cape the color of twilight.

“Where are we?” It felt like a completely different world, like I was floating through it rather than walking. When I looked at myself, I was paler, my angles sharper, and I already knew I no longer looked human.

“The Sídhe.” It wasn’t Clara who answered, but the being in the throne. “Home.”


Dun dun dun! I thought I’d never get to this point! Hopefully this fulfills the requirements of “otherworldly” 🙂

You know the drill – don’t forget to check out the rest of the submissions on Saturday, and if you fancy participating, do it up!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “WOW 555 – Otherwordly

  1. Love it – you managed to get starlight in there and it’s at least extraworldly while still fitting in with your story. Brilliant! And now that her parents have worked so hard to keep her away from the court, what’s going to happen? Edge of seat time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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