Hop on the Tuesday Flash Fic Train! Week #1


And so it begins –

I thought about waiting a couple of weeks to get this started, since I’ll be out of the country next week (London here I come!), but then I figured starting sooner rather than later would be better. So here we are. It took me a while to decide how I want to start off the contest – did I want to make a super-specific prompt, or a vague, open-ended one? Seeing as the structure of the contest is to attempt at telling 5-episode stories, I figured semi-vague would be the best way to go (at least for the 1st prompt of each 5-episode cycle).

Since I’ll be traveling next week, this week’s prompt is to write about your protagonist taking some kind of trip. It could be a trip down the street to the grocery store, a spiritual journey, or a trip across galaxies – it’s entirely up to you and open to interpretation.

Remember, you have until tomorrow at 8 PM EST to submit your story in the comment section. Include a twitter handle/website/any other form of social media link for promotion!

If you need a refresher on the rules, you can check them out here. Main thing to keep in mind on the first prompt of the cycle: keep it under 800 words, and follow the prompt!

Happy writing! Looking forward to reading the responses 🙂

Image credit: Image found via Google Image Search on top-img.com.


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